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At 5:58am on November 5, 2012, katelynn courtemanche said…

Thanks Alessandra for the comment! I think that I may end up making a video on how to actually make it (its soo good!). But if you would like the recipe I will probably be posting it later :).

I know that it will be hard, but you got to work hard to get to your dreams!

At 2:24am on October 23, 2012, Aen Brauer said…

Thank you for your support/comments on my blog.  For some reason, I was trying to hold back on the amount of fruit, probably due to my SAD outlook on food (LOL), and now that I am allowing myself to eat fruit I am now drinking 32 ounces of green smoothies (packed with greens) every day!

At 1:19pm on October 9, 2012, Evey said…

Hello! Thank you so much for your support on my blog. At the moment I am cycling through juicing, raw and cooked foods and I am very very ill :( - I am not liking the raw recipes at all. I am considering going back to juice but having soups in the evenings as it is so cold, wet and miserable at the minute. Its difficult getting used to raw foods. I'm not keen on the nuts or seeds. :(

At 9:56am on September 12, 2012, Jennifer Bee said…

Thank you for the comments and suggestions on my blog!  Thanks for the encouragements!!!

At 12:56am on July 3, 2012, Matt Donahue said…

I am loving the whole concept of exploring fruits and veggies for their health value. BUT, if  I had to pick a fave it would be bananas, lacinato kale, coconut butter, raw honey, romaine, blueberries, garlic clove, ginger, some carrots, and raw eggs. I am combining the paleo and vegan diet. I have been eating raw meat and drinking smoothies for a couple months now. Unbelievable feeling.

At 6:37pm on July 1, 2012, Matt Donahue said…

I am fine. Lost around 40 pounds in a couple of months so far. The energy feeds my exercise and the exercise feeds my desire to have kick ass drinks. Love the vicious cycle that I have created. Are you in any bad areas with the wildfires? Stay safe and healthy.


At 1:28pm on April 21, 2012, said…


Would you care to share

 how you are Juicing

 Daikon Radish.

This is Great!

A Raw Food

to Fight off Candida!

Thank you!


At 2:16pm on April 15, 2012, Susan : ) said…

Soooo glad you are in the House with us!

Because YOU are here!

At 8:38pm on April 7, 2012, Susan : ) said…

At 2:41pm on April 7, 2012, Susan : ) said…

At 12:32pm on April 1, 2012, Susan : ) said…

Goooooooooooooooood Morning! : )

At 2:12pm on March 31, 2012, B J Love said…

Thank you Alessandra,   

 Yes Tucson still has the 4th Avenue co-op and many other stores, restaurants & people that support a raw life-style. However, I am spending time in PA. with my 96 yr. old mom where it's a little challenge since I haven't connected as much with the raw food community. I am very thankful for this site and the RFR community.


At 1:12pm on March 31, 2012, Susan : ) said…


Make the Next Bite Raw!

At 8:28am on March 16, 2012, Susan : ) said…

More motivation from Tony...Click here!!

At 11:49pm on March 13, 2012, said…

Hi Alessandra,

You asked...

So are you still juice fasting? 

 Yes I am! 

Really up to Day 215? 

7 months  and 3 days.

That is awesomely amazing......

Yep! To me as well!

are your eyes blue yet?

Not yet but I am seeing changes.

They are getting lighter all the time!

Love Questions.

Thanks for asking!

Warm Smiles.



At 5:47pm on March 12, 2012, Susan : ) said…

This day has never been here before!

Let's welcome it with a round of applause

and CELEBRATE IT with a standing ovation all day long...


Have the best day ever!!!

At 11:31pm on March 2, 2012, said…

So going to try the Grapefruit,

Orange and Strawberries.

Will turn them into Juice.

Thanks for the Idea!

Warm Smiles.


At 6:13am on February 21, 2012, Susan : ) said…

.....choice by choice, day by day – you will see positive changes.   : )

At 11:19am on January 10, 2012, kirstie said…

Hi Alessandra, thanks so much for your advice.  I am planing to start the Three Lac again in three months and then back onto the candiclear tablets (paul d'arco, caprylic acid and oregarno oil mix)  The die off is quite strong, so my kidneys/liver etc need the rest!  I will keep you all posted to how its going.  If you think of anything else, let me know

kirstie x

At 8:50pm on January 8, 2012, Heather'sLovin'Life said…

Thank you.

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