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I hadn't been eatting 100% raw, but had been eatting high raw and drinking 2-3 quarts of very very green juice. I was already noticing what I assumed was some skin detoxing going on since I was getting blackheads and huge pores and hadn't delt with that since teen yrs. Well I figured since I hadn't been eatitng 100% raw or even vegan for that matter that it wouldn't harm me too badly if I grazed on some of the traditional foods loved ones prepared. Well then my sister in law made me a mixed drink... and well yesterday I awoke to the backs of my hands, fingers, knuckles and a little bit on my wrist and elbows looking (and feeling) like I burned them. Now the rash is letting up but I have all these scabs like it blistered and scabbed over as if I was scratching (which I didn't).

Luckily I physically didn't feel bad other than just feeling dehydrated and drained. And well I made it through 3 of the 4 family celebrations before upsetting my body with toxins. But after 2 days of running around at family celebrations, and being overwhelmed at my dads celebration I just didn't want to be so "picky" and feel excluded from the little bit of food there was at my brothers (I wasn't allowed to bring anything, because his wife said it would be too inconvenient and she just wanted the day to go smoothly)

I wish I would had prepared some food for myself, even if I had to pack an ice box and eat it in my car. But since we are living with family the kitchen was crowded with other people cooking for 3 days. And silly me didn't think about packing some fruit and nuts as we were headed out the door. I did stay up late juicing friday after everyone headed to bed, but by the time Sunday rolled around I was in so much of a fog from having a head cold and dealing with a toddler who was sick and the normal holiday fog that I plain ol forgot that as well. So I guess bad planing on my part, mixed in with not wanting to be an outcast. at least it's nothing my body won't over come with some greens and hydration.

hope you all made wiser choices. now to figure out what to put on my skin to get rid of the sting.


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Comment by Christina on December 29, 2011 at 2:51pm
Ya, I guess it will force me to provide my body with food it likes. It was my plan to bring a couple of raw dishes for myself with a bit extra just in case someone wanted to try it, but I wasn't expecting to be told that my bringing food would be too inconvenient. But next time I know better. I haven't been eatting 100% and normally only pay for eatting cooked food with just a headache, joint pain and I was surprised over the rash. I'm wondering if its because my diet has been so clean with lots of green juice that maybe my liver was so clean that it made its unhappiness w/ my choices.
Comment by bitt on December 29, 2011 at 11:57am

So sorry you are in pain! When I went raw I found that I had some food allergies that would flare up when I ate nonraw stuff. Sometimes that can happen. Also if your body isn't used to a food it sometimes reacts. I am sorry you had to get sick but I guess you learned next time to pack some things and to avoid what might make you sick.

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