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Last night was a bit tough.  My stomach was in full panic mode, jonesing for the cooked food very badly.  It took real effort not to have a bite of my son's chicken quesadilla, or make some toast.  Instead, I made a fruit smoothie.  Not quite juice, but definitely raw, and it got me through the night.  It was 2 mangoes, 2 oranges, some strawberries, some coconut meat from a young coconut, and a banana.  It was gooood.  And it got me through.

Today I got up, I was feeling tired and like I could sleep all day, until I pooped.   Then my body shifted and I felt better.  Was still in a bit of a funk, still a bit crabby etc.  but I made some orange strawberry juice...that was yum, made 2 quarts, drank one and saved one for later, then made some more green juices.  I made one quart of straight romaine, and three quarts of celery, red chard, bok choy, parsley, cucumber, and a couple of pounds of carrots. It was a bit thin and not so tasty so I added in some pink lady apples, some fennel, a whole 12 inch piece of daikon radish and a lemon, peel and all.  And that made it good.  So I ended up with 3 quarts plus of that, which I am sipping on now.  I just kept adding things until it became something I could drink alot of (as I have alot of it!!)

After a second poop, I felt even better, less crabby, less in a funk.  It took a good chunk of my day to do this juicing, but it is worth it....I have to keep on doing it even when I don't have the day off.  I can tell my body has some healing to do.

Learning to do this is like learning a foreign language, this meaning learning to eat only raw living foods.  The more you do it, the easier it is, but for most of us, fluency takes time.  It helps to have total immersion, but most of us do not have that.  We don't live in a household where everyone is committed to raw living foods and helps to prepare them.   We don't have the food available to us 24/7.  Most of us have to just do it, with families that eat cooked food.  I am hoping to change my family's eating habits over the summer. but it isn't easy when you don't have alot of time, when you have active teenage sons with their enormous appetites and need for food.

But we try..........we do what we can.   When I was off of my juice for just those 2-3 days, part of it felt good, more grounded, but it was alot more obvious what was missing, the vitality of the coming back to juice was easier.  Sometimes it has taken me a long time to get back, but the more I keep at this, the easier it gets.  So I don't get discouraged or beat myself up when I fall, I don't even feel embarrassed anymore.  I just pick myself back up, reaffirm my reasons why.......and here I am.  Back with the juice, with the raw living foods.

Welcome back.  Everyone.

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Comment by Janet Carol Ryan on April 28, 2012 at 9:29pm


I like this:

      ...The more you do it, the easier it is, but for most of us, fluency takes time.

It does take time, and curiosity about learning new things, and patience with ourselves when we don't get it quite right (if you've taken a foreign language you know that some of these goof ups can be pretty funny) - and the rewards are immense!!

I'm so glad that you are here, and that we are all here together - cheers!

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