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I bought some local apricots at the store yesterday and they are soooo  wonderful!  I am putting them in my green smoothies and just eating them plain....I could eat them by the pound.  My smoothie today is made with another head of romaine lettuce out of my garden, with some mixed baby greens, a banana, an orange, some strawberries, apricots and water.  It came out to be around 44 ounces....and is all I have eaten so far today.  I also had a tablespoon of dulse flakes.  I put a tablespoon in some green smoothie and ate it like that yesterday, today I just put it in some water and drank it up with a straw.  A bit intense but I just wanted to get it in me.  I think it is increasing my metabolism and I think I do need it for my thyroid as I am always cold.  Cold feet, cold legs, my body is always so cold to touch....makes me wonder if I am still alive.....

So, I have stopped having kale in my smoothies, and will avoid all cruciferous veggies for a while to see how that goes.  After my green smoothie yesterday, I had some sprouted grain toast with a quinoa burger I bought... I just had to buy some as they are organic, gluten, soy and gmo free, and tasty.  In the future I think I will try and make my own...but these are good.  So I made an open faced sandwich on the toasted bread, with some avocado mashed on top and some habanero mango hot sauce on that and then cut up and smooshed the quinoa burger on top of all that, and then covered it all with a large amount of mixed greens.  It was yum.  Then I had a bowl of oat flakes with coconut milk for desert...didn't quite finish as I wasn't hungry enough for it all....but it was good.  We buy the plain original coconut milk to which I always add stevia and a touch of almond and vanilla extract.

For dinner I made falafel, with a tahini sauce, grated carrots, diced tomatoes and mixed greens with whole wheat pitas.... I ate some without the pitas........very yum.  Just wish I could still find raw tahini.  It has disappeared.  Anyone know why?  Why there is no raw tahini to be found anymore???

I am trying to watch what I eat as I'd like to lose my jelly belly, so was worried I'd eaten a bit much for the day, but I could also tell that my body was burning it, using it..wondering if it's the dulse flakes?

I don't know, but I do know that in the past three days I have lost 2.5 pounds....wouldn't mind seeing that trend continue.

And and and...I had a very busy morning...I have taken some time off of work and it is so nice to have this morning I made a spanikopita (greek pie with greens, feta cheese, egg and onion) so not vegan but so very yummy...I put in it some italian chickory I got at the farmers market (a bit like dandelion greens), a pound of spinach, and a pound of Organic Girl's 50/50 mixed greens.  I used a very good quality greek feta (Mt. Helios)  some lowfat cottage cheese (from a very good dairy) and za'atar, which is a middle eastern spice with thyme, salt and sumac.  It gives a wonderful flavor to it all....the sumac gives a sour flavor....I am looking forward to having this when it's done...I am going to cook it later when the house is hot enough a little more heat won't make much difference.

And then right after I made the spanikopita, I made a large pan of bean enchiladas,  I layer white corn tortillas, over some enchilada sauce, then put some Rosarita's spicy jalapeno refried beans on top (2 sm cans per layer), then put on a layer of zucchini & onion I'd cooked up earlier with salt and pepper, after it was cooked I put some white corn in it, and then flavored it all with some balsamic it's sauce, tortilla, beans, veggies, then I added some grated pepperjack  cheese...not alot, then more enchilada sauce, tortillas, beans, veggies, and cheese, with a final layer of tortillas, sauce and a bit more grated cheese to top it off.  This definitely comes up above the sides of my lasagne pan, (need to make it in a deeper pan next time) so I put it inside of my large turkey roasting pan so it doesn't muck up my oven when I bake it later along with the spanikopita.

I won't be having much of this, maybe a few bites, but the spanikopita is something that I really really like...and with all those great greens, it is healthy too.  Not raw...but still good.  The greens are cooked in a large pot without water, to get the water out of them....and I save and drink that water....pot likker  as it is full of vits and mins.

So...that's my day.....did my work this morning, now I am going to relax.  Wouldn't mind if someone cleaned my bathroom.....that just might have to wait.

Happy Hot July everyone...........let's pray this heat wave has an end to it soon!

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Comment by Sherry Fraley on July 3, 2012 at 7:19am

I did not see any apricots in the market yesterday, except for angelcots which are white apricots. I do love dulse flakes, but did not know they could increase metabolism. I love to use them but often forget. Hope you warm up your system. Have a great day.

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