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I started my new life style yesterday,

I juiced & I'm going to see if I can lose weight by just living on juicing.

I got to get myself to exercise but it's hard to motivate myself to do it.

Today I juiced but about an hour ago I was hungry so I ate some spoonful of peanut butter. 

It helped. If I don't lose some weight by the first month of next year I promised my Doctor that I'll

have surgery. Wish my luck guys. :-}

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Comment by Alessandra on November 9, 2012 at 3:09pm

To be successful juicing, you have to be mentally prepared...and you have to drink enough juice.  If you are hungry, drink more juice,  distract yourself, go for a walk....get yourself into a new environment, (go out...someplace...but obviously not to a food place/grocery store).  It takes 3-4 days of doing only juice before you stop craving food, and it is also a whole new adjustment for your body if you have never done this before.  The first time you do only juice, you probably will never be totally at ease with it, you will always have to ignore your mind telling you, your stomach telling you, that it wants solid food.  I would start with a 7 day juice fast....then ease off with salads and fruits only....have avocado with your salads, eat raw will lose weight.  You don't want the might think you do, but more than likely you will regret it.  Not everyone does, but most people do.  You will have to make that decision for yourself.  Understand that changing your diet, changing your life, it is a process.  You will have successes, you will have failures, but the only true failure is in not trying again.  The sooner you try again, the more successful you will be.  For motivation you need to watch videos like Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead...daily is you like, and whatever else you can find of people doing what you want to do.  Eating an all raw or a high raw foods diet and losing weight, regaining health.  If being 100% raw is not working, be 75% raw.  And go through your house, your refrigerator, your cupboards, and throw away everything!  Everything that is not raw, uncooked, processed.  Keep no cans of food, no boxes of foods, no packages of frozen lots of yummy raw smoothies....all fruit or fruit and smoothies are a great way to get nutrition, alot of greens, and they curb food cravings because your body is getting such good nourishment.  A good basic green smoothie recipe is 1-2 oranges, quarter them, remove the peel, throw in the blender first, then a kiwi or two or some frozen strawberries, peaches, mango,  a bit of that say 1/2 cup, a ripe banana, a cup of water, and some mixed salad greens...or baby spinach (say a handful for your first one)...blend that all up good, and drink.  It looks green but it tastes like fruit.  As you get used to the greens add more.  Add in kale, and more handfuls of greens.    You don't have to do a juice fast to lose the weight.  You just need to eat good healthy foods.  As much as possible, and as many of them as raw as possible. 

Best of luck to you on your can do it!!  I know you can!

Comment by Mary Ann on November 9, 2012 at 9:06am


Comment by Penni on November 9, 2012 at 8:52am

Also check out Bill Barlow (Raw Food For My Life) on the web and on You Tube - he lost about 200 in one year when he went raw. He also does one-on-one coaching - you might think about it. 

We'll be here for support!!!

Comment by Susan : ) on November 9, 2012 at 6:27am

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