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As you research and live 'raw' how do you feel about being more 'natural'?

Here's my Spa question... As I have learned more and more through researching raw I've changed many of my beauty routines. I use a natural soap (no fancy additives), I use vit. E oil on my skin (don't put anything on your skin you wouldn't put in your mouth), I wear less makeup just because I don't feel like I need as much...

But, the hair... I've colored my hair for so many years that I don't know what color it really is. I know there is grey! That's for sure... but am thinking of getting a really short (and I do mean SHORT) cut and growing my hair out to its natural color (whatever that might be) and then letting it grow from there.

My real hair isn't very long right now. Maybe the base of my neck/top of my shoulders and I actually look good with a short cut... so it's not the hairstyle that is a concern to me, but just the shock value of seeing me 'au natural'...

Any thoughts? Would that make me a little too 'mother earth' (NO insults intended!) for my family who only knows me as Miss Clariol?

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Pamela, I'm enjoying the short hair style and my hair will be all mine, probably by the end of this year. When I get to 'all me' I think I'll do a video! LOL... It's nice not to worry so much about hair care. The short style is fixed in under 5 minutes and with just a small amount of product and a blow dryer.
I've been a highlighter since high school because I always wanted to keep my summer color year round. Seems as a blonde you are doomed to a life of highlighting trying to recapture the color of your childhood. My hair has darkened over the years and I find it funny that now that I want to go more natural, I have some greys. They weren't noticeable with my highlighting but with my darker blonde they are. I have definitely gone much darker but am not ready to go without. The good thing about highlighting is that the chemicals don't touch your scalp, just your hair which is technically dead anyway. We shall see.

My hair is completely white - yup white, and it has been for years now and I just turned 51 around Christmas.  It really is quite nice that color and I kept it natural for quite some time.  In fact, complete strangers would stop me and ask who "did" it for me!!  But my skin is very pale and my hair color was aging me big time.  I started to color it again when I was 48 just to see how it would look.  Now I wasn't eating raw then, but I must say the color really brought my face to life.  I've since started to use a hair color without all the junk in it and I get it online which saves money.  You can save leftover color of this type because it doesn't have all the nasty junk in it, and the results have been great.  Having said all that, I applaud people here who want to find out what color is really theirs, and to be just who they are natually.  I might end up going this route again at some point - perhaps after I've been more raw for a longer period of time.  For now I'm still enjoying the color that my colored hair gives my overall appearance.  Just my two cents -
Tracy Scott said:

Hmm really touchy subject for me because I have been chemically dependent for 20 years (in this area). YIKES!! I know what my natural color is and color it that way in the fall and autumn. But go with blonde highlights and light brown in Spring and Summer. Have been looking into Henna to switch from the hairstylists chemicals. I applaud your courage to go au natural. I don't know how young you are, but I am 41 and not ready to reveal to anyone other than my stylist just how gray am I! Girlfriend, I think if you are comfortable with growing out your own hair to it's natural color, GO FOR IT!!! If you can rock the do, do it for you!!! I will cheer you on from the stylists chair with my Henna Hair!


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