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How to Manifest! ~ Examples, Thoughts, Stories, Etc.

Isn't it wonderful that we are all such powerful creators? We ALL are, people!!! And by ALL, I certainly mean YOU too!

It is our DIVINE RIGHT to create joy, abundance and pretty much anything!!! It is okay, I promise! YOU are a divine child of the universe and you are a PART of everything that is. You ARE abundance by your very nature!!!!!

I say all of this with love and only the purest intentions! We are all so blessed!

Surround yourself with reminders of your abundance and divinity so that you can stay in it as much as possible! When you see them, remember to FEEL it too. This part is SO important! And you must BELIEVE that you are worthy. I promise you are! You are so incredible and beautiful and perfect!

With love, please feel free to share this video, hit the "like" button, subscribe, and tell others. I want to spread as much love as possible! Share your love as well! I would love to hear from you too! I would love to watch your videos about manifesting and hear your tips and stories on what you have created in your life too! Questions, comments and video suggestions are always welcome! With so much love, love love!!!!!!!

I am sending you all a HUGE BLAST of love, abundance and blessings! So if you are reading this, you are receiving it!!!

Note on quitting your job ~ I am not saying that every, single person should just quit their job RIGHT NOW. But maybe you should. Only YOU truly know if you are ready. I most certainly was and this is proven by how everything has been going! I don't want to add any negativity around it either though. But YOU know what is best for YOU. I was following my whole heart and soul and KNEW everything would be okay. And I knew I was ready to trust. :) And if you are too then hey, go for it! I am your biggest cheerleader. I will say too, that if you are unhappy with your current work situation, at the very least, start figuring out a way to get out! Life is way too short to not LIVE YOUR BLISS FULLY!!!! Anyway, bless you no matter which path you take! Questions are welcome around this too!

From the video, here are the affirmations I have written on my spreadsheet:
~ I am always blessed with abundance
~ The universe sends me abundance daily
~ I have everything I need
~ All of my needs are met with grace and ease
~ I am always taken care of

~Spread LOVE~


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