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I knew when I joined RFR that it was a blessing in disguise....This is by far, the most inspiring and awesome RAW site ever....and trust me.....I have over 3 years worth of book-marked sites that have come and gone or that changed or disappeared or just became the same old repetitive info.....Don’t get me wrong, there are tons that I still love and go to and blogs and amazing people that I follow.....BUT.....RFR is unique and its different and its personal and its friendly..and there is so much happening and so much excitement and involvement.....the only reason I ever signed up at other sites was for the free newsletters (and after time, I noticed I no longer had the desire for certain ones and was un-subscribing day after day).......This site is the whole complete package.....everything in one...and I mean everything.....I actually bought the book before I even discovered this website and I am soooo happy I did.....To know that some of the testimonies are from real people that actually exist and are still here and still involved is wonderful to see...There are quite a few web sites with testimonies but they are the same exact stories that were posted years before and most aren’t ever updated and you always wonder if they stayed RAW or where they are now etc.....Since they aren’t ever updated and the stories are sometimes soooooo old and duplicated from website to website......I am sure many of you, like I once did, question if RAW is the true miracle and cure-all that its cracked up to be....I have lived it and breathed it so I know for sure.....but to see all that this site offers just blows my mind.......In 3 years and book after book and site after site, I still never blogged or opened up or shared.....but yesterday.....I actually, finally, took some time and moved in (check it out) and rearranged and did some housekeeping and posted a few of my poems and hung some photos of my wonderful family and I feel like I might just stay here....hopefully for a long time to come..I like being my real ME....I am writing again (my ultimate passion) and I am sharing my stuff even...I'm becoming an athlete again and I have bounds of energy to go miles and miles....I've been doing this RAW scene solo for way too long and now I'm soooo happy for all of you and it’s crazy but it feels really good and I hope you are getting the same vibes that I am from RFR......Every single person that I have conversed with or reviewed their blogs have all been such beams of light that you can feel them truly are giving yourself the gift of life by giving your body all the delightful stuff this site has to offer.....The book and site jolted me out of a long winter hibernation and I am alive and living and breathing and I hope you all are as well....Don’t let another second go by.......take it all in and honestly live it and appreciate it and you will be sooooo thankful for poem and thoughts for today:


Don’t anyone even try to tell me I can’t do this!!!!!!!!!

I am almost halfway back up the hill and it feels soooo good

I’m eating lovely fruits and veggies like I knew I should

I’m back to biking and running and I’m soooo loving it all

I’m in sync, oh yeah....I’m rawkin the house and having a ball

I’m doing it baby.....I’m gonna climb and climb until I jump right over that hill

Ain’t nothing stopping me, I have the belief and the will

I can see it and I can feel it and I’ve once again found my way

I had no doubt that I would wake up..never stopped hoping....It’s why I pray and pray

Been doing this for years and I know what it takes

I have the desire and the I chose to ante up the stakes

No more excuses or whining or thinking lazy thoughts

I’m in for the long haul..I’m worth it....there aren’t any nots

I’ve been waking in the morning feeling like I could fly

Those yummy green smoothies.......YUP....they make me giddy and high

They fill me up, yet I feel so much lighter......kinda’m floating on air

And I’m giving this shout out to all my new friends and to a whole lotta prayer

You all helped me push harder and I got over that hump

I’m so glad I came lifted me right up...right up off my rump

This past winter brought me down but I’m now shining clear and bright

And I’m ready to kick butt and I will fight the fight

Joining the vault makes me work harder and I want to feel my best

And it helped to wake me up and focus...and know that I will be who I was blessed

Wouldn’t it be silly and crazy to even think of stopping or attempting to quit

Since you only get one body....I’d say... let’s make it happen...let’s be healthy, happy and fit

Lets give it our best shot cuz we are worth it you’ll see

You will be laughing and smiling and content as can be

I know for a fact cuz I have seen it and felt it and I’m living proof

Trust and believe you are worthy...Oh yes you are....get up now and let’s vault over that roof!!!



UPDATE:  Well...It's now been over 4.5 years and I am still here...Still loving it and still Rawkin it at RFR and beyond...How cool is that????  I love this place and all of you!!  RAW RESULTS is going to blow it out of the park....I can feel it in my gut and I hope you all do as well!  If you haven't yet it out...It's amazing and life changing with all kinds of recipes and support and inspiration and motivation!!!! 


Hope to see you in RAW RESULTS!!!!  Let's kick it into high gear, get the glow and be smiling like crazy!  XOXOXOXO

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Comment by smilealong on July 4, 2011 at 9:59am
I love your post and hope that you will continuing posting on exercise--I'm doing OK food-wise but it's hit or miss with exercise for me.  Thanx for your get up and go.
Comment by RawSteps on June 29, 2011 at 4:38pm

Darlene, you are such a blessing to all of us.  All that you said about RFR is true.  It's different here.  It's better here -- the honesty and kindness of the people....


A rare treasure!

Comment by darlene knight on June 29, 2011 at 2:39pm
It has been a pleasure to meet you as well Mae and I do believe that I will be here for a long time to come with all of you!  Every initiative gets me fired up with energy and pumped to go...I love the excitement of it all and it keeps me motivated and inspired knowing I am in the right place for sure!!!!  XO
Comment by Angie Liddiard on June 29, 2011 at 2:37pm
What a great post! I know I'll still be here in 4.5 years. Then I'll look back and see how much I've grown. Amazing. Can't wait for Raw Results with you!
Comment by Mae Jardine on June 29, 2011 at 11:24am
It has been a pleasure to meet you here at RFR, Darlene. All your post have been an inspiration to me. In my soul there is a strong knowing that there are many of us here that will remain active members, friends and grow older together. God Bless You & Your Love Ones & Big Hugs,
Comment by darlene knight on June 29, 2011 at 8:30am
I'm so glad that I am here as well...I adore RFR and each initiative just keeps getting better and better.  I love you guys...sharing this journey with so many incredibly amazing people makes my days full of love, laughter, inspiration, motivation, loads of fun...and of course...smiles galore!  XO
Comment by Karen Sands on June 29, 2011 at 5:53am
You are such a blessing Darlene!  You are such a wonderful inspiration :)
Comment by djd on June 29, 2011 at 3:54am
I appreciate hearing from a long term raw food person.
Comment by Susan : ) on June 29, 2011 at 1:22am

I love your poem!  : )


Soo glad you are here with us, Darlene!  You add such a preciousness!!



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