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I've been away for months. Well, from here. It's too bad, I wish I would have stayed here, I know it helps to write and read in here.  But I'm always all or nothing, the longer as I was away the harder it was to log back in.


When I was 20 I had breast cancer and a few months ago I found 2 other cysts (I'm 26 now). They have been removed now and I am suppose to be fine, that is what the doctor says, anyway. I don't feel fine, I feel like I don't trust my own body that I live in. Like it's constantly trying to let me down. I've never been so healthy as I've been after I beat the cancer the first time. I first became a vegan, then I became raw vegan, and a runner. But still.............


I'm gonna do my best to stay here now and go full raw again for a while. The last few months have taken so much energy from my body...and soul.





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Comment by nathalie carles on October 7, 2013 at 2:07am

Of course you are going to be fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are no reason why if the cysts have been removed...but stay healthy, the advice of a twice breast cancer survivor!

Trust your body you are the only one who can do it. May be you are tired...disapointed, don't give up, not now!!!!!!!! Sure you are going to be fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Mary Ann on October 6, 2013 at 12:49pm

Sending you love, positive energy and joyful thoughts....xoxoxox with many big (((((hugs)))))

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