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When a storm brews...there is always light afterward

It's nice to be back with my RFR friends and I've missed everyone. I realized it's been  February since I last posted something.

I really enjoyed the most recent Cleanse America 2 and I've become more excited about juicing again. I even got out my hand crank Healthy Juicer and made some serious detox green juice with rhubarb in it. I needed that juice konk in the head and that feeling of being alive.

I may be kind of rambling here. There's been a lot of up and down going on for me. Right now I'm struggling with a 50/50 chance that I have a full time job that I was told last week that I had. Then yesterday, my new employer emailed me to say that he may not be able to afford taking on my salary due to a circumstance not related to me...but that he would update me soon. I was supposed to have started next Monday and I had allowed myself to go out and celebrate with friends and to tell people about my NEW JOB. I took this recent news pretty hard and rightfully so. I called a friend and she reminded me that there's just as much chance that the job is still a go for me as it could be a no go. It makes me think of the glass half empty/half full question. I allowed myself to mourn yesterday and just rode it out. I got nothing done that I had felt so excited to work on prior to receiving my employers email. I went to bed saying to myself what I say every night "tomorrow is a new day".

So I woke up this morning to very intense storms here in Michigan. Huge bolts of lightning and heavy wind and rain. Cooling down the projected 90+ degree temps that are slated for all of this week. It was a pleasure to smell the rain and watch the golden dried lawns absorbing the lush rainfall. It felt metaphorically like how I like to deal with my worries and my challenges and how there is always light afterward. It may not come in the form that I expect or that I want or in the timeframe that I need...but it comes. Is my head and heart ready for when it comes? With my motto "tomorrow is a new day", I open my head and heart to that synchronicity.

Along this journey, I have had the most loving friends see me struggle and continuously pick myself up and they have offered help that I have had to suck in my pride and stubborn German DNA in order to graciously accept their offerings. It truly humbles me. I don't know exactly why my journey unfolds with goodness and quickly goes bad only to go good again. I ponder where my head and heart are and I realize that I am no more special then a tiny blade of golden dried grass.

There's a quote on my wall by Malcolm Bricklin, an automobile entrepreneur:

"The real question you have to ask yourself is, 'Are you willing to exist or are you willing to be special?' And special is not what someone else thinks of you, but what you think of yourself."

So, I am as special as a tiny blade of golden dried grass...many of them in my yard outside my window. And everyday is my new day. So I'm going to go pull out my juicer and make a lovely nourishing elixir ...and then I'm going to gratefully ponder that half full and half empty glass of juice.

Thank you for listening...love you all.

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Comment by Supermom on July 8, 2012 at 7:47pm

Lovely, thank you for sharing this.

Comment by Alessandra on July 3, 2012 at 11:45am

May fortune smile on you........good things are coming your way!

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