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Hi everyone.


 I've kept my diet fairly even for a year now. raw all day, green juice  starts the day and about 75% of the time i eat a cooked meal with the family - generally stir frys sometimes a little fish always lots of veggies (the other times i just stay raw) .  


Just in the last couple weeks i have noticed im feeling afternoon faitgue! Gee whats that! I haven't felt that since i went raw nearly 2 years ago. I am still up alot in the night with my little one who is still nursing at night but that hasn't changed. As far as i can tell nothing has changed? So i've been wondering whats going wrong?


Why fatigue?

I do feel drawn towards some sort of mineral supplement (which i haven't ever tried). I also have noticed that my oils and fats are really low ( just some oil in the dressing on salads). I haven't even really been eating avocado's and maybe once a week i'll have a nut milk based smoothie.  I eat intuitively and to be honest i just haven't felt motivated in that direction.


I typically keep my diet very green. Green juice in the morning (nearly a litre) with spirulina, MSM and often acai berry supplements thrown in, and usually a massive green salad at lunch.  My diet has been really simple in recent months, juices, smoothies and salads for the most part. snacks are just what i can grab so often some sort of fruit. To be honest i tend to only really feel hungry at lunch time. Am i not getting enough calories perhaps? I don't feel like im hungry and i don't think im dropping alot of weight.


I'm not sure what the issue is, its hard to imagine its some sort detox issue given i don't think i've changed my level of raw in any direction for quite a while and yet even my skin is drier and more blotchy (it is winter here in OZ thou).


Perhaps its not diet related at all but it has that typical 3pm afternoon fatigue feel about it.


Does anyone have any suggestions for directions to try? Does this ring any bells for anyone?


Thanks everyone for reading - i love this community!

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Comment by jill anderson on August 3, 2011 at 7:20pm
Hey girlie:)I was just thinking,u said ur nursing and that takes alot out of u:)i think u should add more fats or more greens,maybe more foods,doesnt seem like u eat much:)just a thought,i was always so hungry when i breastfed,and tired too:)i wish u luck,im sure u will figure it out my friend:)
Comment by Bette Bliss Shaw on August 3, 2011 at 6:16am

Lisa, I didnt really want to make the shift either. I was loving my eating plan as it was. I was able to be raw all day and have one bit of cooked stuff in there somewhere. I would be at the health food store and get a little thing in the provender case, all organic and yummy.

After a while my body said NO. It didnt even taste good to me and I didnt feel good from it.

In hindsight, switching it up, as my body asked me to, I am amazed at the changes!! People used to say all the tiem, the difference between high raw and all raw! Well, now I see! Like night and day. Plus I do realize, any time cooked is in, the body burden is heavy....and I cant fly so well (haha). I love the lightness and clarity and JOY of the energy from RAW!

If this is the case with you, when we resist the body messages, they persist.

Comment by Lisa on August 2, 2011 at 7:52pm

thanks girls. 

Janet, you're right being a mother requires that we constantly do an inner self check and make sure we are doing ok.  Not just emotionally (which is huge) but physically too. I have been nursing now for 7 years straight with a year of tandem nursing thrown in and i haven't managed a whole night of uninterrupted sleep in that time either. That's a big physical toll. I have found juicing is the best support for my body with this not only for energy (which is awesome) but also for flooding my body with nutrients that can get low when your giving them away everyday :) 

I am doing alot of inner energy work at the moment  so perhaps that is being reflected on the outer. Its easy to disconnect the 2 even when we know they are all connected! Thinking about it, it does resonate with me that the energy drain is from the emotional and spiritual cause there is definately alot of growth and detox (i hope) going on in these areas.  Thanks for the reminder there.

Bette, you could well be right, my body may well be asking for another level. Not sure how i feel about that, i am really comfortable with where i am on the raw journey LOL, but as you said nothing in life remains still. I am certainly gonna sit with this thought and really tune in for a little extra guidance on this.  It is possible that will all the energy work i'm doing at the moment that my body is urging me to continue the shift into the physical too.


Im also gonna mix my diet up a little this fortnight. I wanna get more kelp into me, some mineral supplement and i'll get into the kitchen and make a pate and maybe some crackers this week :)

Comment by Vegan♥for♥Life on August 2, 2011 at 7:44pm
Water? Are you hydrating yourself enough? Half your body weight in ounces...
Comment by Janet Carol Ryan on August 2, 2011 at 10:12am

i love this community too! I love that we can explore the terrain together.

If you are drawn to mineral supplement, I'd say that's intuition at work. A couple of other thoughts - are you getting enough protein (I know we hear this all the time :-) just wondering if you might include nuts or seeds or maybe sprouts in your daily array. And I also wonder what is your internal dialogue? Are you affirming yourself within? As a mother you are giving so much. Remember to nourish yourself with self-love and TLC, as you also let yourself receive.  Blessings to you!

Comment by Bette Bliss Shaw on August 2, 2011 at 5:41am

Hmmm fatigue? I love that you are eating intuitively and have all the good things going on. My guess is your body is asking for a greater level of do what it needs to do.

I ate as you did for the first year. Cooked for evening meal, although mine was usually salsa, guac and (uyou know what goes with that usually). I ate early and not alot so I went to bed semi empty.

Then at about that year mark, my body asked for different, as things rarely stay the same on raw.  No more cooked dinner, even the amazing organic vegan stuff at health food store didnt work any more. Body wanted all raw. I didnt have fatigue though just other signs.

Sometimes fatigue is the body using the energy to heal something.

But energy drains do come from cooked food. Its like throwing a brick into a fine running (raw) engine. Maybe your body is saying no to that now? This was my exp., as I said.

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