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I have a new approach to getting raw. I call it walking the plank.

Recently I revisited the idea of going to a strict low fat, fruit based raw diet, to just dump the weight and get it gone and with it I would surely get my health restored just as quickly. Sure it can be done and there are many who are doing it. And for a while I revelled in the quick weight loss. But it was hard to maintain.

I was also limiting high sugar fruit as well and no condiments and limited liquids including smoothies and no juices (about now you are asking why would she be doing that?!)

Some say that high sugar and calorie fruits and salts from condiments can cause you not to lose weight as quickly. And that drinking your meals isn;t learning life long good habits. But the issue for me was that without some of those higher sugar fruits, or my smoothies, it's also hard to eat enough and keep your calorie intake high enough to satisfy.

I would stay good for a few days at a time and then slip, mainly because I was hungry.

In essence I was walking a tightrope. 

The thing about tightropes is that there are people that can walk them and do it well, but not everyone can or really wants to.

I started questioning if I really wanted to and what I was doing. I missed my playing in the kitchen too and sharing on my blog. I wasn't feeling like me anymore. Simply because I couldn't have the raw I wanted I backlashed into other not so great options. Then started yo yoing.


You know? I really hate yo yos!


So I decided to take a look at people that lose weight, go high raw and do it successfully. Most I run across do it slowly. They don't go raw overnight. They don't start with juice fasts or radical restrictive diets. They go slowly giving themselves a wide berth to get there.

They leaned into raw. They started with easy raw additions and then found that the cravings for the other foods just simply melted away, along with their weight. The change came organically. I call this walking a plank.

Another reason to not go fast is that for many  it causes stress and if you have weight to lose, most likely you eat out of stress. It becomes a vicious cycle. Sounds like a hamster wheel doesn't it? Where can you ever get off?

So now my plan is to walk the plank. Add in more raw, go back to my smoothies and fruit in the early part of the day, salads and enjoy my raw creations later in the day.

Even if it means a warm soup with my salad or even- gasp! some nuts or seeds. ;-)

How about you? Are you on the rope or a plank?

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Comment by Sally R on November 3, 2012 at 3:12am

Jodi, this is a great post! I am walking the plank..arghh...sometimes I am staggering down it, but I am really trying to find my way. It's good to see you potsing again.

Comment by Aen Brauer on November 3, 2012 at 2:13am

This is a good post for me.  I started reading 80-10-10 and thought - this is it - just eat this way and all my health problems (and the extra 35 pounds I picked up on this RAW journey=yo yo me) would melt away.  I lasted one day, was not able to eat the amount of fruit or suggested greens.  Despair :(.  Then back to the drawing board.  So my current plan is a for me wholesome breakfast, fruit, oat groats or soaked buckwheat groats or chia seeds, homemade almond milk, etc.  Then I am drinking green smoothies, then supper BIG salad, possibly recipe from one of the uncookbooks which may contain nuts, seeds etc.  Then only fruit (definitely no nuts etc.) after supper.  I am paying attention to calories (sometimes) and attempting to stay within this plan.  A day at a time this is feeling right, right now.  We will see.  

Comment by Jodi is Purely Nourished on November 2, 2012 at 5:04pm
I so agree with the idea that the seasons contribute as well. During Summer when fruit was so abundant and varried it was easy to eat mostly fruit. But now with the fall, I really feel limited with the fruit choices and want to "indulge" more in the veggies and raw soups. There are so many great raw soups!!
Thanks for the comments and feedback!
Comment by Penni on November 2, 2012 at 10:57am

great blog post - you know I can totally relate.  I think we have to resonate with and actually enjoy what we are eating/drinking. It is a delicate balance and it can vary from season to season.  I'm really over the guilt of it, and know that we each have to find our own way and what works best for our own unique body. Cheering you on!!

Comment by Stephanie Baker on November 2, 2012 at 10:26am

I'm loving my restart on RAW.....I guess I am on a plank if you think about it. I was a couple years ago too, I just let life get in the way and others opinions/feelings and I should have kept working on changing the 'pictures' in my own head and stuck strong w/ want I knew was right for me!! I'm loving my veggie juices somedays, other days green the AM....then lunch could be the same, esp if i have to go to work, its easy to prepare both meals before work put in jars and go. dinner has varied....lots of cooked, but i'm loving it. it gives me the freedom that i need and letting me let go of the 'food' and make it about 'me' and how i feel when i eat certain things!!  

I love this place I'm in right now!!

Comment by Annette on November 2, 2012 at 9:25am

Great post - Defintely on a plank!

My raw food world is high-raw all day long - juices, smoothies, raw cereals, fruit, veggie stix, etc.

I plan my dinners a week in advance, for grocery shopping.  Dinner always, always, always, starts with an epic salad before the meal.  Dinner could be all raw OR cooked vegan/vegetarian.

It works for me.  I feel fantastic!

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