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Hi all....well I moved...its a nice warm place and I cant complain :)..however the job that I got has gone...I set up all the Social media advised as to what to do..wasnt really listened to re asking for campaigns and the need for teamwork... and my web editor wasnt communicating with me well...anyhow...they took all I advised and everything I knew....then got someone else in and hired an outside agency to do it, and I was fired !....nice eh ?...so I am back on the dole.

I will set up my own web store and work on that..may as well as I have all the skills LOL...and now the time.

As for raw..i havent been eating well....and I need to get back to it, as I have been exhausted ..(I had to walk half an hour to the bus, catch a bus then walk another half hour to work and then back in the evening !>>so dont miss that..)

Hope your all doing OK :)

I could feel all bitter and twisted but I am an optimist and try and look on the bright side ...:)

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Comment by channa brennon on January 30, 2013 at 11:20am

hey I cant afford very much but maybe I could pay you to  help me with my blog?

Comment by nathalie carles on January 30, 2013 at 10:09am

Well let see the good side: 1) you got some exercise done with all the transportation/back and forth you did

2) you might work for yourself and that is a real treat  3) you have a little time to rest...which means that 4) you are going to have more energy to get back on track!!!!! 5) then you'll feel better

Don't give up, it is never too late or too this or too that! And also as you are optimistic and look on the bright side, that will help you too. Good luck!!!!

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