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This Really Does Something For Me

Vacation went pretty nicely (aside from figuring I'm allergic to oysters - eeewwww).  I wasn't as highly raw as I'd have liked to have been, but I did eat fruit and a salad every day.  When I got home, though, I felt terrible.  My face was puffy and I was up five pounds on top of being up about ten pounds (I suspect meds I've been taking for bursitis, but who knows).


I came home and got on the elliptical trainer (started with sixty minutes, and adding two minutes a day - hoping to do ninety minutes to an two hours on a regular basis).  I also got back into fruits all day, and a big salad, along with whatever the family is eating for dinner (basically paleo).  I've lost nine pounds since Tuesday morning.  When I was just doing paleo with the fam, I was really struggling with my weight.  I had lost twenty five pounds last year and I was having a tough time keeping it off, much less releasing more.  Then I gave in to the medication for the bursitis.  Aside from the meds, my husband was doing the same thing and consistently loses at least a pound a week.  I've come to the conclusion that everyone is different.


So watermelon coolers and green smoothies aside and master cleanses aside, I've never been one to live on liquids or fast much.  I've been toying with the idea since last winter though, and had intended to do a juice feast this spring/summer.  That never happened, and I'm just getting back into raw (successfully).  I was watching "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" and thinking maybe ... then my DIL came downstairs with the baby and started watching it with me.  She never says anything about my large quantity of produce (although I doubt she's seen anyone polish off ten pounds of oranges in a couple of days before).  She's on fire to juice feast after seeing that movie.  So we are going to start next week.


Our challenges for the feast are that we both are busy.  I'm starting school soon and she's an active duty mom (I'm still a mom, but retired/reserves, lol).  We have a house guest coming into town in a few weeks.  She's participating in a wedding in September, with all the nonsense that goes along with that.  Plus!  We have a tiny singer juicer (honestly I've used it twice), a vitamix, and I've ordered nutmilk bags.  We will be doing this the slightly difficult way.  To the good - we have the resources for the produce and we compost.  We also have each other to nudge along the way.


I'm going to post my progress on my Facebook page, to hopefully inspire friends/family and see if I get any rude comments from the rabid Yankees fans.  Juicing isn't just for raw foodists, but it's much more healthful the way we do it!  (c:

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Comment by Bette Bliss Shaw on August 11, 2011 at 9:05pm
Gettin ju-saaaayyyyy! Yipeeeee your bodies will love it! Keep us posted!
Comment by djd on August 11, 2011 at 11:12am
Yes, everyone is different.  It is one of the divine gifts that makes us specifically human.

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