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The Vault for some of us, a safe haven~but I'd like to share this out here in the mansion as well!

The vault, is another room of this mansion, which is an 11-week private safe haven for some of us here at RFR.  However, some of us have a 'word' and it needs to be shared with the folks out in the mansion too! 

I love to read your stories.....encouragements for my life.

Penni posted a video over in the vault about Beginning Week 10 of our initiative in relationship to "Raw Relationships & Being Social".   Dara Dubinet interviews her friend Raw T and they share life experiences for being raw and what that looks like for them out in the real world.  It hit so close to home for me Friday because I was preparing for a road trip with a friend to an event I was not sure of how I would do, besides it was a mostly raw food event.  Should be okay, right?  Well, I'm 'Living on Liquids' and not eating for 30 days, herein lies the rub! 

We all have challenges, and I've been finding myself wanting to stay in my own little sanctuary more & more.  I love my raw food kitchen and this 11 weeks has been a little respite for me.  But there's  another world out there and for most all of us we have to live in it, and not necessarily with an atmosphere of our choosing all the time.  In other words, we're not always in control.  Sometimes I have to remove myself from certain situations and just take care of me.  Other times I have to learn how to live in the situations that are not of my choosing......WOW!  God did not wake up today or any day and relinquish control to R.I.T.A.!  Of course, I'm being facetious.  God neither slumbers nor sleeps.  I have to learn how to live in this world but not be of this world.  It's my health that matters so that I can help other people in the same manner in which I have been helped.   Our health truly is a ministry to a world of people that  mostly relinquishes their health to the protocol of western medicine.  We have a message and it has to be shared!


This was my comment under the video.  It encouraged me and I so hope someone else can be encouraged as well:


Such timing, this video! 

This past Saturday I went to a really large event for people that are at least 85% raw....all of the food served is raw except one really healthy cooked dish.  I had already determined in my mind that I was not having the cooked food.  However, being on living on liquids I did not want to set myself up for failure by telling myself I could NOT have any raw food to eat.  This is the most raw I've ever been being that I have been on  living on liquids for 19 days now.  And the past 5 days prior to my event were juice only.   I've been doing so well and I really did not want to get off my program.  But, I wanted to leave my self an option if I did so choose.  So on Friday I stopped juice only and that night with my dinner of energy soup, I added a few sprouted mung beans so I would not put my body into shock by eating salads, or whatever raw I chose the next day at my event.  I had prepared before hand, green juices, green smoothie and some energy soup.  So I bottled that up, as well as some hibiscus infused water kefir.  On my road trip to the event with my friend, I opened up the water kefir and we shared that on the way.  Felt like we were having a little bubbly~yay!  We had not seen each other in a while so we were celebrating life.  The WK was soooo good and she really loved it.  Of course, we talked about that..the preparation, the benefits, etc......lots of friend talk.  Also, we are both on the same page with our diets.   The energy we both had, the fun, the drive....everything was really great!  While at the event there was a wonderful lecture.  Half way through, I had my green smoothie while all else were munching on fruits.  I did not feel deprived in the least.  In fact, I saw a few looking at my smoothie as though they wanted one themselves.  During the lecture, the staff started arranging a buffet line and all the food smelled really good!  Then came the time to eat lunch and I truly did not want to eat......I wanted my green juice (Green Gringo~my new fav craving stopper).  My friend helped herself to her meal and I offered for her to try the juice and of course she wanted to taste it.  She was blown away and insisted on the recipe.  I consumed my juice, only 8 oz. I might add, and was totally satisfied!  After the event we went to the organic grocery attached to the facility and purchased what goods we wanted to take home.  They have all my little 'raw food snacks' I usually purchase for myself when I'm there, but, I stuck to purchasing my greens and other things I needed for LOL.  My friend was so proud of me.  I told her I felt  by preparing myself mentally the day before that I did not set my self up for failure by depriving myself.  However, I really did not deprive body wanted and craved the smoothie, the juice and the barley grass shot I had.  I was euphoric when I left!  As well as mentally stoked and physically lighter!!! 

In summary, it so helped me to have some self talk the day before and allow myself to change my plan if I wanted.  I really did not want to be in a position to make myself or anyone else around me 'feel' bad .   I also prepared my self physically by having a small handful of sprouted m.beans the day before with my energy soup.  So when the moment came I could have gone either way,  I was PERFECTLY okay. 

In retrospect I do not have to live with the little mind games of "now I am disappointed in myself because I did or didn't do so & so".   It's not a life & death decision.  Now if it were the _____ joint on the corner that served those transfatty acid gut bombs....for me that would be a life & death decision.  Several months ago while taking care of my brother for an extended time, I allowed myself to succomb to more of those decisions and my health paid the price.  As for life & death, I choose life.  HOWEVER, I have stopped beating my self was a detour in my path to total wellness.  Today's a new day.  My goal is to be the best I can be, if a detour, and move on! 

Go green gladiators!!!  Blessings in our journey~xoxo, Rita


P.S. Lovin` some Wild T....a fellow forager!!!!!!!

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Comment by Michelle K on September 5, 2011 at 5:05pm
Comment by Papajoe on September 5, 2011 at 10:59am

It works. I hadn't read this before I posted my blog a few minutes go. Interesting!


Comment by Vegan♥for♥Life on September 5, 2011 at 10:54am

Soooo COOL! You have found the warrior within!

Comment by Laurie P on September 5, 2011 at 10:32am
Rita, thank you for sharing this out here.  This so resonated with me.  I actually feel a shift in my thinking just from reading this.  What an awesome start for my day and for my thoughts being directed in a positive direction.  Many GOD blessings to you and may we all continue to choose life and blessing!!
Comment by L. on September 5, 2011 at 9:47am
This is beautiful.  You are really conquering this.  I can't wait to be on a place in my journey where I can do this too.  Congratulations and thankyou so much for sharing your story of triumph!! :)

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