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It's been a while. More than 3 years. I actually completely forgot about this place, than I suddenly remembered that this is the only place on the internet I've really enjoyed writing a journal. So, why not pick it up. Last few years has been a bit of a roller coaster, I've literally lived in 3 different countries, I've also ended a long relationship, and met what I believe is the man of my life. This year we will move again because my partner have to do a postdoc in another country. Really looking forward to this move though, it's the first time I'm not moving by myself. We've also deciding to start a furry family together (2 dogs, at least), and I'm very happy to have found someone who wants the same things as me.

What about raw food? Well, at this time I would say I'm about 60% raw. I'd really like to go up to 100% for a while to start up again, and then be steady 80-90% raw. The reason I'm not eating more raw now is because of my partner who I really love cooking for and who's not quite ready to step into the wonderful world of raw :D But slowly, slowly. At the moment I'm just very excited that he's almost gone from vegetarian to vegan like me. And we've decided together to try and raise a vegan family. That's awesome enough :)

Lately I've been obsessing over chia puddings, it's just so filling for breakfast! My favourite is this one: However, I don't use the agave. If I want it sweet, I add banana. I've realised the last few years that no matter how I do it, I simply cannot add any sugar to my diet unless it comes from fruit (but even there I have to be careful), because I just get huge cravings for white bread, pasta and other things that doesn't make me feel well. My emotional state is completely depending on how I eat. It was hard to accept that, hey I also want to be able to have a normal relationship to food and not think to much about what I eat all the time but...that's just the way it is for me. It's less of a struggle nowadays though because of my love for running, being outside and taking that time to myself really has helped me to not be depending on food anymore to feel good. It's not perfect, I still comfort eat from time to time but in the last year it has stabilized a lot. I'd love to keep this up and be aware of any changes, I hope this site can help me as it has before. I'd like to start with a week or more of juicing, and take it from there <3

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