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Good Morning fellow Raw Food Bloggers,

We are into week four and I am loving it. This week has been a little different for me.Very eye opening. I have a friend who had an iron infusion on Monday because of a gastric bypass several years ago. She had been very overweight and felt a gastric bypass was her only option. Because of the bypass her body now does not assimilate nutrients like a normal person. As I sat in the hospital with her with all the cancer patients getting their chemo, I had so much compassion for all of them. IF ONLY....If only they had known about Raw and Living Food twenty, thirty years ago. Maybe none of them would be here today trying to kill the killer disease in each of them.

As the week progressed my friend had an adverse reaction to the infusion and needed someone with her for several days. I put as many of my raw food ingredients in a bag to go stay with her and take her to the doctors. But I forgot to pack an overnight bag of clothes, only I was not going to forget my raw food. LOL.

I stayed raw all week and was proud of myself for thinking ahead. It helps to be prepared. My friend recovered and is doing well.

Here is my victory report. My husband took me out to dinner to a really nice Steak house last night :( As we sat across from our friends all three of them were chowing down on hot bread and butter. I like a good little raw food rehaber, took out my germinated sunflower seeds and walnuts and slowly chewed each one savoring the flavor and knowing I was doing my heart and body good with living food. While they ate their steaks and sweet potatoes with butter and brown sugar, I savoured my strawberry, walnut, grapes on a bed of mixed greens. ( I did add sunflower seeds and walnuts.) Drank my lime flavored water. When dessert came, it was not hard at all to resist taking even a little bite. I felt full and satisfied but not stuffed and blotted, I won!

So even though I only lost .5 lbs this week and not two pounds like the previous two weeks. I am so far ahead and still on track.

Love you all,

Have a blessed weekend.

Joanne Lane

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Comment by Laura on May 1, 2010 at 11:16am
That is so awesome! Steak-house raw is do-able *happy dance for you*
Comment by Debbie V on May 1, 2010 at 10:17am
Yeah, man, I transcribed some interviews about gastric bypass recently and the people who had gone through it were really challenged to find something positive to say about the experience...and these were the success stories who had been chosen by the docs as good spokespeople!

1/2 a pound is a great weight loss, given the week you've just been through. Big pat on the back for you! Slow and steady will still get you closer to the goal!
Comment by Renee Schouwenaars on May 1, 2010 at 9:48am
Comment by Judy ;) on May 1, 2010 at 9:17am
Joanne~Wow! My sister-in-love went through the same experience. Initially, I thought that she was unique to this experience. Now it sounds like this is a complication from that surgery. I was contemplating having this surgery, because I knew that I could no longer continue carrying all this excess weight on my body. But thank God that I was exposed to raw food, and saved myself from alot of complications due to surgery. I guess we need to share all the good that raw food can do with more people.
Comment by Susan : ) on May 1, 2010 at 8:54am
LOVE this: But I forgot to pack an overnight bag of clothes, only I was not going to forget my raw food.

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