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hi friends,

It's been quite a while since i've chimed in here in the blog-zone - though I've been happy to be participating here and there in the Hab and in the Vault - and loving being raw - a year and a half now!

Just had to jump in today to share this with you guys. It's one of those 'bad news... no wait good news' kind of stories.

My son, aged 25, lost his job and is also in need of a new place to live. At the moment he is occupying my couch on an occasional basis while he takes a temporary retail job for the busy season. OK that's a mixed blessing. I have a small place, I work from home and I am also used to a lot of quiet time for my spiritual practice, writing and working with clients by phone or in person. So, the couch thing - not so good. Good news - he is being respectful, quiet and grateful - keeping his word and being considerate of my space. Here's another thing = and the bit that I really want to share with my peeps here in the 'Hab. This is the young man who declared his vegetarianism at the age of 3 ! He didn't use that word of course but he pushed the plate of food away (it was cooked and it was from the animal kingdom) and said in his most declarative 3 year old voice- Mom, I am not going to eat my friends anymore!! He has never wavered from his commitment. However he's been kind of a SAD vegetarian - junk food, carbs and few fresh veggies. He hasn't shown much interest in my raw ways.

well, now that he and the couch have become acquainted, and he's under mom's roof for a while - I've decided to simply offer what is on my menu and not vary my program. So, he's getting Green Smoothies, warm raw soups and collard wraps,  

and you know what? He is loving it! Not turning up his nose or asking hey do you have anything else or can I cook something... nope, enjoying it all - appreciating it and going for seconds. And I gotta tell ya - I love sharing the raw goodness with my son!

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Comment by Raw Truth on November 30, 2011 at 9:29pm

wow! What fun you are having. I gotta try the collard greens..never had them. Keep hearing about them. Off to Trader Joes tomarrow to see what I can find. Green smoothies today and raw trail mix. Having some warm soup tonight.

Comment by Bette Bliss Shaw on November 30, 2011 at 9:03pm

WOWEEEEE How great is that!!! Yay for raw sons!

My son loves raw too. Has a wife and that part is the challenge. He would be all raw all the time i think.

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