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"Responsible Detoxification" for Lyme Disease

I originally created the idea and coined the term "Responsible Detoxification" because of my own health and because certain detoxification methods were not working as well for me as they were for others. Why was that? It may have been because I was unaware that I had late stage Lyme disease. I realized then that everyone is different and should approach detoxification differently.

Everyone deserves to yield the power of Responsible Detoxification in their lives. So, by using innovative analytical technologies, we can guide ourselves through the Detox Process to minimize trauma and aid in our recovery. Professional Scientific Testing, Evaluation and Application methods are necessary today for successful results.


                                                                        What is Responsible Detoxification?

Laboratory Testing BEFORE Natural Treatment Protocols.

This includes testing:

                                          *before marathon juice fasting,

                                          *unmeasured herbal detoxing

                                          *taking advice from uninformed internet casual healthcare advisors.

                                   What Are Examples For Innovative Analytical Testing Technologies?

*Methodology: Amino Acids Profile & High Performance Liquid Chromatography

*Homocysteine Assay & Competitive Immunoassay

*Mass Spectroscopy: For Nutrient And Toxic Elements Profile & Inductively Coupled Plasma

*Expanded GI Panel

*Methylation Cofactor Marker

*Neurotransmitter Metabolism Marker

*Detoxification Indicators

Self-Diagnosing through uninformed internet and holistic detox advertisements may not be the safest approach for the individual to choose as a treatment option if they are seriously or chronically ill.

Just because it is named "holistic" doesn't mean it's always safe, right?

There are measured steps one should take before ANY detoxification program. Combining new western medical testing methods with alternative holistic  treatment protocols is the new model for modern holistic or Alternative Medical Facilities.

Blood, urine and other critical sampling over several days sent to state-of-the-art laboratories to check for major imbalances is mandatory for the individual faced with chronic, serious or complicated toxic syndromes.

Responsible Detoxification Reforms are mandatory for successful holistic treatment returns during these highly polluted, toxic times.

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