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I wanted to share some of the results of 25 days of 100% raw:

-HUGE improvement in health, arthritis in hands gone, swelling in ankles gone, chronic acne gone, coloring in face looks normal for the first time in... years? (Is it a coincidence that my old pic used for my avatar is in B/W? No, it is not!)

-My blood pressure is absolute normal for the first time in my adult life. It has always been high normal and a few times, worse. The nurse actually said, "That's VERY good!" and I nearly fell off the exam table.

-More energy

-Sleeping better

-Released 25 lbs of weight in 19 days (It's probably more now but I don't want to obsess over a scale. I'll wait til the next doctor's appointment where my doctor will probably chastise me again for "losing weight too fast." I can tell you I have never had that "problem" before in my life.)

-One weird thing is since I started raw, when I go to a store, randomly the ceiling light directly overhead of me will dim. That used to happen to me all the time when I was young, but it hasn't happened in years. It happened twice in different parts of the grocery store on my last trip and has been happening at least once every time. Not sure what that means but I'm taking it as a good sign :)


Mostly I eat raw organic vegetables but I also eat plenty of cold-pressed oils, nuts (mostly soaked/sprouted) and all kinds of other sprouts. I also have some raw dairy and raw fish occasionally. Don't forget Himalayan pink salt and unrefined sea salts, as much as I want! :) I only eat 1-2 servings of "sweet" fruits per day and  I try to eat as much probiotic food as possible. I'm not deprived in the slightest.

I follow Dr. Mercola's nutritional type guidelines for Mixed Type but I modified it for raw. Without Dr. Mercola's insight into the types of food I should be eating, I don't think I would have been nearly as successful going raw. I wanted to go raw for a long time but I was afraid it would be torturous not to eat the cooked food I have eaten all my life. The best advice I ever got was from Angela Stokes-Monarch who said in one of her videos that if you go 100% raw you will lose those cravings. Incredibly, I did after about 2 weeks. Those first two weeks were hard (although not torturous) but now I'm no longer even slightly tempted by any of that other "food" at the grocery store. I'm craving all these yummy raw foods.

It's like a weight has been lifted! I wish the same for everyone :)

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Comment by Bette Bliss Shaw on August 26, 2011 at 7:50pm
Comment by Basil on August 26, 2011 at 3:42pm

@Catherine Alice, Thanks! Haha, that would be embarrassing to have car alarms going off :) I wonder what the headache/ringing is about. Maybe those things are giving off worse signals than I thought. I haven't had a TV in years either! Thank you again :)

Comment by Catherine Alice Gagnon on August 26, 2011 at 9:19am

I recently watched a video from the Fruitarian Festival in which a lady described setting off car alarms in close proximity when on a 100 day juice fast. Seems a bit far fetched but I don't see why someone would lie about it and there most definitely are many electrical fields we are connected to. I haven't had a TV in years and whenever I am near one that is on or near a fridge (since becoming raw anyways) I get a headache and hear an intense ringing in my ears. Thanks for sharing your story and keep up the good work - you look amazing :)

~ Peace and Love

Comment by Basil on August 25, 2011 at 11:46pm

@Lyza, Thanks! I am gonna think up a pumpkin seed milk chocolate ice cream recipe ;)

@Jacquelyn, Thanks! I will find that movie! I'm Italian-American and am learning Italian, so wow :)

@Jean & Kimberly, Thanks!!



Comment by Kimberly RT(T) on August 25, 2011 at 9:58pm
Congratulations!  You are doing fantastic.  A true inspiration to this community.
Comment by Jean on August 25, 2011 at 7:30pm
Thank you for sharing. Sounds like you are doing great.
Comment by Jacquelyn on August 25, 2011 at 6:44pm
An amazing story.  Just for fun I wanted to suggest the movie Agata and the Storm.  It is in Italian but your story reminded me of this fun movie, she can affect lights also.
Comment by L. on August 25, 2011 at 6:20pm

That is AWESOME.  Congratulations!!!  You are totally in charge of your health now.  It must feel pretty awesome.  Revel in it!!


I'm 90 percent raw--my only cravings now are for candy/chocolate.  Typically this happens at the end of the week when I've run out of fruit!!  Lol.

Comment by Basil on August 25, 2011 at 5:54pm

@Tracy, Thanks! Yes please do... I had been trying to lower my blood pressure and lose weight forever... If anyone had told me I could eat just about anything I wanted as long as it was raw and feel this much better I would have thought they were crazy :) Make sure to have him look up his nutritional type on Dr. Mercola's website too!

@Foulweathersal, Thanks! I know what you mean... just looking at cooked veggies makes me sad now :) lol

@Angela, Thanks!

Comment by angela usher on August 25, 2011 at 5:21pm
Congratulations Basil : )

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