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hi friends, 

I am checking in with my tribe here in the 'Hab - it's so good to know that you are here and that we are all doing this in our own wonderful, unique and miraculous way!

I just returned from traveling for a seminar. This was the first time that I've done air travel since converting to raw foods (2 and a half years and celebrating). 

Not only was I in unfamiliar territory geographically, but was also in unfamiliar territory with the food consciousness around me. I am blessed to live in Northern California where it is no so unusual to be a vegetarian, vegan or even a raw foodist, and hugely blessed to have discovered Penni Shelton and RFR 2 plus years ago. So, I've learned how to adapt and create and plan ahead on my home turf.

I found it so very challenging to do the same while traveling. I took some pro-active steps to call the hotel ahead of time and arrange for a fridge in my room, and also to ask for an extra plate of raw veggies to add to any salad item that was put out on the buffet table. I also packed chia seeds, almond milk, dried fruit and nuts, packets of green powder and green bars. OK not bad. This strategy meant that I was required to pay an additional charge for checked luggage since my food took up half of a suitcase and i couldn't manage to get everything into a carry-on. I figured it was worth it to have the means to make my breakfast chia pudding, and to supplement salads with nuts and seeds etc.

So far so good. 

Then the reality of being in a foreign environment set in. For some reason while standing in the buffet line I was in earshot of people loudly speaking about how important it was for them to eat meat, then found myself sitting next to people who were enjoying the same. Uggh. Ok, this is a big world and I certainly honor others in their choices.

Then, the sweet people from the serving staff would bring my extra plate of veggies - which turned out to be just a fancier presentation of exactly the same items that were in the salad bowl. Clearly I had not communicated what I needed and then felt a little embarrassed as my table mates would look over and wonder why I needed TWO salads??!!?

I will do things differently next time. This was a practice run. I am a raw food warrior and I believe and know how important it is to my health, well-being, energy system and life expression to be sourced with vital living foods.

Next time I will talk personally with the kitchen staff, I will take a written list (like the restaurant card) with me, and I'll take an avocado or two along for the ride. 

Here's what I want to share with you - we are on the leading edge. Others may not yet know the value of this way of living - but we do and it is loving self-care to take the steps to assure that we are able to nourish ourselves in the way that supports us fully.

My next trip is a road trip, and I just got myself a Nutri-Bullet!

wishing you well,


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Comment by Supermom on October 23, 2012 at 10:17pm

Traveling is definately challenging as a raw food lover. Keep sharing your discoveries as you take your road trip! I always love your perspective!

Comment by Janet Carol Ryan on October 22, 2012 at 2:52pm

awwww thank you my friends - I love receiving your encouragement and sharing the discoveries as we travel this road. Blessings to you all!

Comment by Maureen Griffin on October 20, 2012 at 9:11pm

Good to hear about your experiences Janet. Especially confronting when you need to socialise with people eating meat on your left and right etc -yes, respecting their choices but it's really an assault on your senses and sensibilities too and that needs focus/wisdom to deal with.

I walked down my sideway just now and thought ,Oh gosh -something's on fire -it didnt smell good- then I realized next doors were making a BBQ! So things like that too. The more sensitive you become perhaps the more challenging it is in practical terms.

Good discussion to bring up now and then. Fully raw Kristina just did a vid on social eating when raw. I thought it was helpful. Cheers all -experience is the greatest teacher -of course :)

Comment by Troy Patrick Brown on October 20, 2012 at 8:35pm

Yes I agree.Everyday is a learning experience and this is what I am learning everyday and the day I stop learning here I will be learning in the spiritual world. God Bless you, on your Journey and thank you for your story!


Comment by Alessandra on October 20, 2012 at 7:52pm

Great learning experience it sounds like!  And it sounds like inspite of  not having optimal conditions you did well and stayed raw.  Good for you!  Maybe as you go forward you can write a little blog or ebook about how to travel and be raw.  I would love to read it! (If you had the time to write it.............)

ciao bella!

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