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Oh my goodness.....This morning I had a great start....had a plan to get up and do some juicing before I left for work. Had that job accomplished....while doing clean up I started multi-tasking a bit. Cleaning up and moving other dishes around since my family was up too and continued to move things around me and through my space. Then it happened.....I hit one of the pt jars of juice w/ the cutting board I was trying to move around.....all over the cabinet, down the front, on the floor, on the door, on my feet.....oh my....what a mess!! I was upset for a second then I realized....I should have finished the first job at hand and 'PUT THE LID ON' instead of starting another task.


Isn't it interesting how much most of us probably do this same thing all through our days?? Thinking we will save time and get something else accomplished during the same time....only to realize that in the end we may have forgotten what we were doing to begin with or in my case this morning....made a bigger mess and caused myself more work in the end.  Good part of the story was I guess I can say I washed part of my kitchen cabinets down and mopped part of the floor!! :)


I just need to realize that being focused on way task is much easier and most the time more calming!! So here's to 'PUTTING THE LID ON'!!!

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Comment by Linda Frickey on November 7, 2012 at 11:35am

Oh its just so easy to multitask, especially with others in the kitchen gathering their breakfasts and of course we can't forget about the family dog.  :) 

Thanks for sharing! 

Comment by Alessandra on November 7, 2012 at 9:37am

lol.......sorry to hear you spilled your juice.  I did that one time all over the inside of my new car!!!  I had a couple of quart jars of green juice in a canvas bag rolling around on the floor when I was driving (what was I thinking?) and sure enough, they banged together, one of them broke and my blue gray carpet is now green.  At least it was in the back on the removable mat (mostly).....

And you got a bit of your kitchen cleaned!!


So happy to see that you are still juicing!

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