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Poor old Mandi Finnigan.....BEGIN AGAIN!

SO...... Here I sit at my dining room table.  It's 9:30am and I've been up since 6.  


Breakfast was SUPPOSED to be watermellon...it's all I wanted, but I happen to have the worlds cutest little 4yr old daughter and there was no way I was gonna say no to those big green eyes looking up at as she asked, "Mommy, I want your watermellon for breakfast, ok?"  So.....a little watermellon and then a banana it was!


Just call me Mandi Finnigan....here I sit, beggining again.  The first time I took off my "SAD" garb and replaced it with  a beautiful, RAWtacular , inner wardrobe, my body and mind both showed me gratitude in countless ways.  Then why, praytell, did I go back and pick up that old SAD garb again?  What possible pull did it have for me? 

"THAT'S IT", I tell myself, "My kidneys hurt, I've had enough!.  I know what my body needs."...BAM....I'm RAW again.  "Hey, I'm feeling good...." ...." Hey good looking....wait, that's ME!".....Then, back to the call of the SAD.....ICK.....


"There was an old man named Michael Finnegan, he grew fat and then grew thin again................poor old MANDI Finnigan, begin again......

Begin....lovely word, that means I'm NOT a quitter, rather a go "gitter"......



SO........Here I sit at my dining room table.  I's 9:48 am and I've been up since 6.........



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Comment by Jean on June 22, 2012 at 4:59pm

I too wonder WHY I eat SAD when RAW feels so good.

Comment by djd on June 22, 2012 at 3:38am

I hope you have plenty of bananas.  :-)

Comment by Bette Bliss Shaw on June 18, 2012 at 8:14pm

Lovely writing.

Begin agin Finnegan!

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