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I had a rough patch this week. I was discouraged because I haven't made any sales this week & $8 hr don't cut it. However, my health is more important than ANYTHING so I'll have to press on!!

I have experienced NO side effects so starting Monday I will be reducing my paxil intake to 22 1/2 mgs. I know the omega 3, vit E & jnk supplements are working well because I have had no Zaps down the spine. 


Be Blessed & go to church with someone this Sunday & experience God's LOVE for you!!


Joe Wood



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Comment by Stephanie Baker on October 26, 2012 at 6:20pm

Hi Joe, 

I know God loves me too!! He does such amazing things in my life everyday when I just am open to it. Just today....I got on the phone looking for some new customers (looks like we're both in sales of sorts)....and the fourth call someone answered......the guy remembered me from 3 yrs ago.....gave me some great compliements.....and I learned his finance' has had cancer and I ask if he was open to hearing what I had learned over the past few God opened a door so I could help someone.  God is so good to me....feels great to help others. That's my calling!!

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