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So i have taken time while my daughter is asleep to write up some goals for myself which i am going to start TODAY!

No more excuses i have to do these for myself and my beautiful daughter, i need to feel good again ive been feeling tired and like crap, i have been eating unhealthy and drinking alot of sodas which i know is bad for breastfeeding so today it all changes! Im not going to be 100% raw yet im going to ease myself into it and slowly cut out cooked foods, think thats why i havent succeeded in the past because i have gone 100% raw over night and had intense headaches from it so because im a new mum im going to ease myself into raw as i still need to care for Emmi and not be stuck up in bed all day. Here are my goals!

I have put these on the fridge with a photo of myself so i have to look at it everytime i open my fridge :)


  • Drink 3l of water per day absolute minimum 2l 
  • Eliminate Sodas, they are bad for you and are going to cost more money than its worth fixing your teeth! 
  • Eat 3 proper meals a day, No skipping meals!
  • Eat plenty of fruit and veges, No limits!
  • Exercise Everyday atleast 30 mins, Take Jasper(dog) and Emmi for a walk if its raining play wii fit!
  • Spend atleast 30 minutes a day with Jasper, Jealous dog since little Emmi was born he needs love too!
  • Breastfeed Emmi for 1 year minimum! Long term goal 
  • Have some ME time, As much as you want to take over if Emmi is unsettled Kris can do everything other than feed her and hes good at it!
  • Spend atleast an hour a day with Kris
  • Get out of bed at a reasonable time staying in bed will only make you more tired!

Ill be adding more goals as i think of them :)

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Comment by Maureen Griffin on May 8, 2012 at 7:07am

Best wishes Kirsty -very worthwhile goals. All the best.

Comment by djd on May 5, 2012 at 2:05pm

Sounds good.  Remember that breastfeeding is work for your body.

Comment by AnnaMaria LaScala on May 5, 2012 at 12:14pm
Good luck!!

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