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Wow! It is 2014 and so much has happened since the last time I checked in here. The biggest and saddest thing is that my mom went to heaven on September 4 last year. I had moved in to take care of her starting in May, so I am in this weird situation where I am living in my mom and dads house but without them, because my dad is in hospice. It is very hard to be here without her. Everything I see reminds me of her, and I miss her so, so much every day.

Last year was plain awful. It was a year of loss and suffering for people I love. :-( I am very optimistic about this year--I figure anything has to be better ! Starting on January 1, I went on a juice feast. I plan to continue it till May of this year, for a total of 120 days. I just realized that today marks 10% of the way. It is going very well. I am finding it quite easy to stay on. Next week is my PMS week, so we'll see how that goes. In the past, that's when I've blown it.

In May, I am going to Europe to see my daughter who is in college in Ireland for one semester. She is going to meet me and London, and then we are going on a trip to London, Paris, and Rome. I am super excited, and I feel very motivated to do well on the juice feast so that I may sit in the seat comfortably on the plane. I am also working to increase my stamina for walking and standing so that I can enjoy my trip. I am trying to walk a little bit further each time.

The final new beginning is that I am going to buy my first house. I am very excited but I am also nervous that they are going to tell me no at the last minute. We close on 31 January so I guess I will find out soon enough! I just pray that it all goes smoothly. I really love the new house! I cannot stay here because we need to sell the house to pay for my father's care.

Well, that's my catch-up post for now. I am glad to see there are still a few people here! Raw food rehab feels like a home to me, even with all the changes. ((Hugs)) Heather

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Comment by Ruth on January 16, 2015 at 10:13am

How fabulous to be getting your own home!!!

I'm in UK.  London's amazing and there are lots of places to eat raw organic food now.
Keep in touch!  

Comment by Vasa Tate on January 14, 2014 at 8:17am

Congratulations on your new beginnings!  I wish you every success on this new leg of your journey.  Keep us posted!

Comment by Raw Truth on January 13, 2014 at 1:28pm

Heather, So excited to hear about your new house! That is totally awesome! Also exciting to hear about your plans for travel! Sounds really fun and after the tough year you have had it will be a great way take a much needed break in 2014. Look forward to hearing about your journey! Hugs! 

Raw Truth(Jackie)

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