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NEVER underestimate the power of a salad!

I've been doing some deep thinking lately - about FOOD.  But then again aren't we all?  Specifically about SALADS.  And here's why...

Even as a lacto-ovo vegetarian for 18 or so years I would always have that good-ole-standby salad ANYWHERE you go out to eat!  My husband would get upset if restaurants wouldn't offer vegetarian options MORE THAN "just a salad"...and he's a meat eater.  But at least I have his support in that aspect...and if not his support his respect of my choice. the past...sometimes I would get 'bored' with "Just A Salad" option...but not anymore!  I'm thankful for that matter how lackluster it may be in some places!  It's a happy, healthy, living food!  I keep telling myself NOT to underestimate any salad...even the GHETTO Salads, as Dan McDonald says.

In other news...

Yes, it's been a while since my last blog post in here!  Sorry about that!  But I do have some "happenings...well...happening!"

I've been sprouting again!  This past weekend I have a Salad Mix sprouting, as well as Radish Sprouts, and a Protein Power House Blend sprouting.  Sure, you can add sprouts to salads, soups for crunch, etc...but leave me comments about what you do with your sprouts :)  Also leave me comments about your FAVORITE sprouts as I will be starting more tomorrow!

I started my Window Sill Herb Garden yesterday, too!  I will be TRYING to grow Parsley, Cilantro, Oregano, Chives, Sweet Basil, Dill, Thyme, and Lemon Basil! 

I hope to start juicing again tomorrow!

Speaking of Juicing...I know there is a lovely juicing section, here, at RFR but I was wondering if anyone had any recipes SPECIFICALLY using or including Mustard Greens as I have to use them VERY soon!

Last month I went on vacation and wasn't a good high-raw-wannabe and it really did a number on me!  My digestion (or lack there of) was the worse it was in YEARS so last week I was back to trying all sorts of things in addition to high cider vinegar, lemon water, Prune Juice, Herbal Concoctions, tea & teasines, etc. 

So, digestion is my main reason for doing this!  I have had digestion issues all my life and I need to reverse any long term damage I could have done.  I will not be going to the doctor but at the same time when and if I ever have to go I want to know I did everything I could while I could.  I don't want to have colonoscopies and all the potential problems that go along with it if it can be avoid and I know it can be!

Oh yeah!  Also...Friday I did Raw Cucumber Spaghetti!  Since I couldn't get Zukes or Squash anywhere locally for a good price - or that looked very good and fresh for that matter - I decided to do the spiralized pasta with Cucumbers instead and it was still stellar!

I'm always looking for blogging buddies, gchat friends, and high raw people to lean me as a friend!

I am unable to join in with Cleanse America at the moment but I am with them in spirit :)

Let me know how you are doing!!!  It's great to be back!

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