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I've never blogged really and I think its time. I need to be accountable, at least to me and this gives me something to look back on and to see my healing progress.

Starting today I'm going to focus on more green juices rather than the thick smoothies and yummy rich soups. One thing I have never gotten into is a variety of green and vegetable juices. I'm always hearing and reading about the great burst of energy and healing that happens to those that focus on this. I'm going to add a very light salad of a variety of greens and veggies in the evenings. I plan on staying on this for another month and of course about 90 to 100% raw there after. The coffee...well thats still the biggy with me because of the horrible headaches. The doctor gave me a perscription for migraines which I'll use to get off this addiction. So...the battle continues!

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Comment by DedeGirl on June 26, 2012 at 2:11am

I was thinking all of what you wrote. How funny.  Also, I heard that Butterbur is to help with migraines.  Best to you for your transitions and blogging!

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