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Hello All,

I'm a newbee and on day 15 of my juicing.  When I first started the juices were delicious!!  I had very few cravings that only lasted a couple of days.  I have been drinking plenty of water and 4 or 5 - 16 oz juices per day.  I would actually wake up craving the green juice over the sweet fruit juice.  I was never nauseated or had headaches or any other side effects of detox.  I don't smoke, eat red meat, drink caffeine or alcohol so I think my detox has possibly been a bit easier for me than for some - At least in the beginning.....

Here's my problem.. a couple days ago I introduced a new juice with with Chard.  I have never had it before and it went down alright.  About 3 hours later I could not stop vomiting.  I thought I was going to die.  I came to the conclusion that I am either allergic to it or it may have been contaminated.  Either way, I don't think it will be on my grocery list anytime soon.  Since then, I have been so nauseated.  Yesterday, I could only drink water with ginger root and some chicken broth. Ever since then, I have been sick to my stomach.

Now, the thought of juicing makes me want to get sick.  Today I managed to drink a 16 oz green juice but my stomach hurt so bad, I didn't think I could keep it down.  I have the tenacity of a honey badger but frankly, I am feeling sick and discouraged.  Should I back off a little bit and allow my tummy to settle?  I am drinking plenty of water so there's no fear of dehydration.

I am saddened by the fact that I went from loving juicing to having to plug my nose to drink it.  I have read some blogs where others mention the 15 day mark as being rough.  Is this normal?  How long does detox take?

Can anyone out there give me some advice?  I sure could use it.   


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Comment by HippyDaisyChick on March 8, 2014 at 11:42am


Comment by Laurie Mulberry on March 8, 2014 at 10:34am

Thank you for the feedback.   I actually feel much better today.  Have a great day.

Comment by HippyDaisyChick on March 8, 2014 at 8:57am

Well, of course I can only guess...but have a few suggestions/ideas. First, you may have gotten a stomach bug. Just because you are juicing doesn't mean that you can't catch something. Or, Something could have been wrong with your greens, ya never know. Also, during a long juice fast, it does become harder as you go along. Your body will go through different phases and levels of "self-cleansing". You really can't put a date on things like "day 15". Although, this may be a common time frame for some people that will overlap, we are all unique and individual, each body will detox as it does and really can not be compared with others. If you are having trouble keeping juice down, ginger tea is soothing for the stomach. You might try switching for a day or so to water and ginger tea only and let things settle. It is up to you if you proceed. But, my opinion, and it is only that, is if juicing is causing you an o version, I would lay off the juice for a while so that you might be able to come back to it at another time. I would hate to see you never juice feast again because of this unfortunate happening. I hope that this is helpful. After reading my response...it doesn't sound the most uplifting, but it is meant to be encouraging to help you find success. Success comes in many forms. I would not look at stopping your juice fast as a negative at all, but a great learning experience and hoping this helps with the next one if that is what you choose to do. And, if you hit the same thing at "day 15", the knowledge you have will be so helpful for you. Knowledge is power!

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