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I am on day 3 of my modified Juice Feast - well, it is modified because I did not begin with everything that I needed, so I have had to wing it. So far, I have had juice every day, and one green juicy smoothie - yeah, it was very good. I intend to shop this weekend and will be following Penni's Getting Juicy and a blog by a young woman named Michelle, which has just captivated me.

I have two focused intentions: My first focused intention is building a more spiritual relationship with my creator; I want to be closer and more sensitive to the voice of the Master. I want the Master so close that I can audibly be heard saying 'huh'?, even when it seems no one is talking. I want Christ to truly be at home in my heart.

My second focused intention is to HEAL. I have had one malady after another for the past 31 years, starting with cancer in my 20's, 30's and 40's. Born a healthy baby and cute too - well!!!, there is no need for me to stay in this state, since I know that God has created a wonderful body, that is uniquely made and can heal given the right elements and one is optimal nutrition and that is my reason for the adventure - I have to see my faith in action and faith without works in dead.

I set aside about an hour in the morning for prayer and meditation and prayer and I am finding that I need more, and that is only after 3 days.  I have experienced a few detox symptoms:  night burning in my feet, and unable to sleep – it may be the exercise; Now, a couple of pimples are coming – yuk, the bitter does have to come with the sweetness of healing.  In 3 days, my FBS  blood sugar has dropped from  183 to 65( I am watching this)  and my blood pressure went from 159/90 to 122/58.  I still have medication to take, but I do believe that medication will be one of my past memories.

I will be making vlogs and doing writing as well, having colonics, massages and also time in the redwood sauna.  That is my exciting adventure 

Thanks for reading my blog. 


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Comment by Bette Bliss Shaw on January 11, 2012 at 5:51pm

Sounds like a good one! Happy days are on the way!

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