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Well, here I am again.  Blogging my food and feelings.

No breakfast except for my usual coffee with cream and raw honey.

Lunch:  a delicious meal of 2 different kinds of salad (both low in carbs) and some chunked chicken.

Supper:  So far since I don't want to cave and have the pizza that my husband has in the oven, I am having a huge green smoothie:  almond milk, water, 1/2 lemon with some rind on, 1T MCT oil (coconut), 2T flax meal, large handful of spinach and large handful of baby kale and about a cup of raspberries and a tiny bit of Kal Brand Stevia powder - maybe a sixteenth of a tsp.  Fairly tart but quite tasty and satisfying.

Bought some NOW brand "Better Stevia" today.  One is plain and says "non-bitter" and the other is "English Toffee" flavor (Dara uses it).  Thought I'd try one of these in my coffee tomorrow a.m. to get away from the higher carb honey. 

Later I had another bowl of oriental salad made with broccoli/ carrot slaw, lots of fresh parsley, green onions, nappa cabbage, roasted slivered almonds and roasted sunflower seeds and a yummy dressing. 

Then I started to feel that urge to eat again but I knew I really wasn't hungry - it's just that "habit" when I am relaxing at the end of the day.  So I settled for 10 olives.

So I succeeded today in that I chose to have that smoothie before I got too hungry.  Even if I am very tired, as long as I have enough food to eat without having to do much preparation, then I have no excuse to eat junk.

It was a good day.

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Comment by Islegirl on June 6, 2014 at 6:04pm

Thanks for reading and commenting kathleen and Mary.  And Mary, my "to-do list" is always long and I am never bored.  Perhaps the problem has been not enough time for me.  I am taking much more of it for myself now.  I just made up my mind this winter to put myself first much more often - when it comes to cooking for my husband - I just don't do it nearly as much as I did.  My leisure time has been spent lately watching videos about raw food and also reading about people who are successful with it.  I love reading and plan to get lots of sun this summer and lots of walking too.  I sew, but don't need to at all - have too many clothes.  That's all for now.

Comment by kathleen on May 26, 2014 at 1:23am

Glad you are doing better!

Comment by Mary Kathryn Wykes on May 25, 2014 at 10:09pm

You sound like you are in a much better place today, much calmer.  I'm so glad.  You know, one thing that has helped me is to create a menu of non-food related things that I can do when I am feeling that need to eat, but am not really hungry.  My list includes things like getting on the internet, playing the piano, taking a walk, reading, taking a nice hot bath . . . what might yours include?

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