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 Well week 2 is underway.  I am so happy with last weeks changes and renewed opportunities to help myself  live with quality and  making this rawsome adventure a reality one meal, one day at a time !!!! The weekend I allowed myself some brown rice to go with my unstired fry.  Excellent.

 I am glad to share that all systems are "moving along" well  , if you know what I mean. Last time I had problems....

  This week on my goal agenda is to let go of morning coffee and choose to replace with lemon water. Wed. I will trek to the  farmers market where  if  it grows here , it can be found there at very cheap prices. Sadly in Costa Rica I cannot find my favs  , cherries ,blueberries, sweet potatoes and kale. So , as they say with every adversity lies the  key to a equal or greater opportunity !

  Today I added some fresh lemon juice and a banana to my basice kiwi, apple, spinach, ginger and carrot smoothie breakfast. Like WOW, that was an ambrosia .  I can't wait untill tomorrows breakfast !!!   My Essene  Sprouted bread was just fair for a first try, but with some sunflower butter it was excellent and topped with sprouts. Need to practice more, but hey like \Edison I am onto something.

I hope all my friends and new founded family of choice also had a rawing weekend and are celebrating quantum growth.....  Looking forward to hearing from you and sharing.... It does get a tad lonely here in the Jungle .

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Comment by djd on October 31, 2011 at 3:09pm
If you have acid soil, you might could grow the blueberries.  I do.  I have found kale to be easier to grow than head cabbage or broccoli, etc.
Comment by Mae Jardine on October 31, 2011 at 1:44pm

Your smoothie sounds tasty, Phil.  Have fun finding some new favorites at the farmers market.

Oh!  And if you find your "system" gets challenge, we a group here called  "The LOO".  I'll leave a link for you:

Comment by Janet Carol Ryan on October 31, 2011 at 1:21pm
hi Phil - it's so wonderful to be connected with our 'extended' raw family internationally, globally and locally. I appreciate your posts and trust that you are finding the blessings for you today. I wonder if you've seen some of the video coverage from the Raw Food World Conference earlier this year that took place in Ecuador? There are some great shares and perhaps inspiration for you as you are also living in a Spanish speaking and semi-tropical country. just thinking of other ways to connect with like minded raw folks - you can find the footage here in RFR if you put into the search bar:  Vilcabamba, or Raw Food World Conference.  Buena Suerte, y bendiciones!

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