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In my previous blogpost I wrote:

"Just a headsup for people to remember new moon is just around the corner. Often a good time just NOW right before the new moon is to contemplate and quietly withdraw a little within yourself and consult with your Higher Self or Spiritual Source on what your next step is to be."  


One reader inquired:

"....What does new moon have in correlation with withdrawing and consulting God...This fascinates me?"


Thank you for your question:

My response as follows:


The time just before the new moon is the "dark of the moon" or waning moon. This period is technically the two weeks after full moon's peak.


Just before new moon, is the darkest 24-hours thereby all things hidden begin to dilate (good time to do a gallbladder flush for example).


Dark of the moon is for germinating or resting (seeds under the earth seem dormant but are germinating before reaching for the sunlight.) Similarly, the way I see it, reaching out, seeking  God's will, looking within during this time (rather than taking action or  moving forward /outward into the world) are indicated.


Going within one's self and within one's embrace of their Spiritual Source to rest and listen inwardly and to Source is perhaps easier at this time and more fruitful then, once the more action-oriented phases of the moon roll out.


Hope this helps you. Journaling a "question-answer" format or perhaps a long walk of solitude in nature can help you hear that inner voice.


Love & Light,


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Comment by Dawn CacaoFaery on May 29, 2011 at 11:03am

This New Moon we will be celebrating sacred sounds with shamanic drums and native American flutes and any other instruments people bring including voice!

So beautiful to hear what you all do each moon cycle xxx

Comment by Cici Cummins on May 29, 2011 at 12:17am
@Penni I love that about your Dad gardening by the moon! I feel the same way about the beauty of God's creation and its amazing cycles.

@Treesa Thank you I look forward to your recipe sharing. Yes, I'm back in Portland. Loving it! Hey do you ever go to Sunday Suppers or other raw meet up events here? Are you aware of the Raw and Living Spirit Retreat in August by chance ?

Dave the Raw Trucker will kickoff the retreat with a Juice Feast Day (Wednesday August 24). Let's talk soon.
Comment by Treesa on May 28, 2011 at 11:12pm

LOVE learning what people do in partnership with Luna! I plant my seeds of intention at every new moon and at every full moon I observe/harvest what has come to be and or note what needs more nourishment over the next growing (moon) phase. Of course drinking lunar tea helps to 'see' what is needed for me to plant and tend to.

Next week I was going to post a recipe for solar and or lunar tea of my website! I just LOVE how timely these sharings (yours,  mine and others) are! All love...

BTW: are you back in Portland?


->Amber: that is awesome.


Comment by Penni on May 28, 2011 at 6:38pm
Beautiful. My dear dad has gardened by the cycles of the moon for many years and I believe that it is all part of the divinity of God's amazing creation.  This is very fascinating to me.  Love you, Cindy!
Comment by Cici Cummins on May 28, 2011 at 4:38pm

Thank you @Amber Dawn. Your new moon input is lovely. I like that you reflect and consider both inner and outer actions at that time...


I like that you hold a sacred fire each new moon. Would you share what this upcoming new moon will be focused or themed upon? I'd love to hear.

Comment by Dawn CacaoFaery on May 28, 2011 at 3:14pm

for us the new moon is one of reflection and consideration of both inner and outer actions and observations.

we hold a sacred fire each new moon to connect with both divine feminine and masculine ~ something we participated in when living in Glastonbury and carried on back home - bringing a sacred flame from the source fire to connect the two flames each month.

each month there is a different theme to the fire and often a different host too, lending a unique energy to the event.

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