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So I have been (very) slowly going raw since the new year. I currently drink smoothies every morning, have started yoga, and over the last 3 months have stopped eating meat and dairy (fish is still to come, but small steps!)

My family are pretty accepting of it, (im currently back at home, like many graduates in the UK) They could cope with the smoothies and vegetarian,  but now I am buying milk alternatives they are starting to look at me like im a bit mental! 

Anyway, I went shopping with my mum today to get food for our Sunday roast, and it suddenly struck me how my eating habits have subconsciously effected the rest of the family. We had a joint of meat, and a couple of bottles of milk, but other than that the trolley was completely full of fruit and vegetables!!! I had not really noticed it before- ours was the best looking trolley in the shop! 
So I had a look about our kitchen. Our fruit bowl used to be one bowl, usually with at least 1 bit of mouldy fruit in it, now we have 2 full colourful bowls, and by the end of the week they are empty. And I can tell you that's not just me eating it all! Furthermore our Sunday dinners consist of at least 5 veggies now, instead of 2-3. My family have been eating  veggie meals when I cook- this week was bean chilli, and beetroot risotto. 

So even though I am definitely not preaching to my family about raw food (small steps!) and not at all forcing my food choices on them (they sometimes have a meat accompaniment to the veggie meals) just changing the way I eat has had an impact on my family. 

pretty cool eh! 

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Comment by Christina on April 11, 2013 at 11:13am

I love this!!!!! You are making a difference in a great way!

Comment by Rena on April 8, 2013 at 6:10pm

I can certainly relate to this! The same thing is happening with my family & friends. It tickles me to notice the changes in their eating habits, but I don't dare say a word about it. It makes me happy though!  So, good for you for making a difference at your family table. :)

Comment by B J Love on April 8, 2013 at 12:39pm

Congratulations, I always say the best teacher is a good example :D

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