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Leaving for my Cruise tomorrow-Raw planning done

I leave for my sisters tomorrow. Then we get up Monday and take a train to NY and then onto the cruise ship.

I figured it was going to be Ninja raw but I have packed some foods to help me.

I have chia seeds and a shaker. Hemp milk (not raw but a better choice) . Raw granola. Nuts,pumpkin seeds and some dried orgainc apricots.

My plan is to make chai pudding when we board and add nuts and hemp milk to it. Take my shaker to the buffet and pour it in a bowl. I will add fruit and have fruit with it.

Lunches on board should be easy with salads. I am hoping to get some fresh guacamole made for me or avocado slices. If not well I have my nuts to fall back on.

Dinners should again be a big salad and I will work with them to make it tasty. Dessert will be fruit.

If I am still hungry I will have some chocolate chia pudding (darn this will be good)

We have 2 excursions and they worry me the most. I have some raw bars and a few packs of powdered VEGAN to add to water or maybe some juices I can find. A baggie of mixed nuts and apricots and raw bars for extra energy.

Hopefully I can grab some fruit out and about.

with all the walking on board and excursions with hiking and such I should get a real workout. I am hoping I can get to a gym on board (not sure how this works or if they have them).

I will let you know how the plans go.

My sister said "well you haven't been perfectly raw for a while". But I plan to be as RAW as possible and actually loose weight on the cruise.

Oh did I say? I am going to Nova Scotia Halifax and Saint John New Brunswick. we will be exploring Hopewell Rocks and Peggy's cove. I will cress warm and walk walk walk.


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Comment by Lisa Goodman on June 26, 2011 at 4:05pm

You should not have to worry too much about your food options.  When I took a cruise, I found the buffet always had better options than the dining room.  Even miso soup was served daily.  In the dining room, they brought me cooked veggies.  I was perfectly content with that.  I also took on board almond butter, nibs, goji berries.  My favorite is to take a banana dip a bite into the almond butter then dip into the nibs - oh so yummy!  I also took raw granola.  You may be able to get almond milk or use your hemp seeds to make milk and pour over the granola.   When you are on your excursions, take some fruit with you and some bars.  The towns may be a bit difficult to find raw.  Have fun!

Comment by Robin Lamarche on June 26, 2011 at 12:49pm


I believe Susan is correct. If you tell them your needs they will accomidate you, graciously. You just have to ask.  You should have an email contact for them to request such things. Don't be afraid to ask, thats what they get the big bucks for. hahahahahaha. they want you to be happy so thatyou will come back.... and bring your friends...... maybe you would even someday orginize a Rawkin RawFood retreat on thier cruise ship. Have a BLAST, take lots of pictures .

Comment by Susan : ) on June 26, 2011 at 7:11am
I had a friend who went on a cruise...she talked to the cruise line ahead of time.  She was able to have all the fresh fruits and veggies she wanted...she didn't have to wait to be served.  Her food was sitting at the table for her and she had first seating every meal!  : )   Can't wait to hear all about your trip..hope you share pics with us! : )
Comment by WendySmiling (Wendy Campbell) on June 25, 2011 at 5:37pm
How cool! I guess I'll have to wait until you get back to find out what's in the chia chocolate pudding :-) I haven;t looked at recipes or food porn or read about food in 2 months lol.....
Comment by River Song on June 25, 2011 at 5:37pm

I hope that your trip is fun! You have done a great job of preparing for it.

Peace & Blessings

Joy & Happiness

Comment by Bette Bliss Shaw on June 25, 2011 at 3:34pm

Wow have an awesome time!!!

I definitely would plan to have some stuff with you..good yummies because there will be a whole lot of temptation there.

Have a blast and dont worry. How often do you go on a cruise I ask you??? SO, enjoy it!

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