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just made the weirdest green smoothie!!

It's a cold grey day here in England, and I wanted something warm to have for my lunch, so I made up some coconut milk with a big-ish chunk of coconut dissolved in hot water. Chucked it in the blender with some frozen raspberries to cool it down, then added some Sunwarrior protein (my indulgent splurge this month - I've decided to treat myself to one new thing a month),  some rocket, spinach and watercress, half a banana, my beloved Green Matcha powder and some cinnamon. It's warmish and unbelievably delicious!

Apparently watercress reduces wrinkles (not that I have any at nearly 52, Yay !! apart from a few crow's feet when I laugh -  a combo of eating a lot of raw foods and lucky genes - Genes and Greens, I think!).  Raspberries have high levels of phytochemicals, apparently, which also help combat aging (good, I love rasps). Rocket is anti-cancer, and spinach we all know about. Green Matcha tea can inhibit the changes in DNA that lead to breast cancer developing, if I remember rightly.  (I love it for it's calming action. It makes me feel all mellow and happy!). The protein powder fills me up, and I'm hoping will stop me getting that gaunt faced look that can happen when you lose weight (I'm trying to lose a few more pounds for summer). Although I have to say, last time I lost weight on a raw diet, I looked and felt pretty damn good, if I say so myself. People would stop me at work and ask what I was doing, so why the devil don't I keep it up!!!? Still, at least I keep coming back to it. Nothing tastes as good as fresh living food.

Talking of which, I've been uncooking some amazing Tanya Alekseeva recipes recently. Her avocado frites with mango salsa are to live for, and also her lemon-tahini dressing on a mountain of torn greens. Yum yum. 

Working out at the moment to Mary-Helen Bower's 'Ballet Beautiful'  streaming videos. They're so cheap ($8 each, if I remember), and no-one can see me making a fool of myself in the privacy of my bedroom trying to look like a ballerina! It's fun. I even treated myself to a pair of pink ballet slippers for last Christmas, which I keep hidden at the back of my closet for fear anyone would see them and roar with laughter! I wear leggings and a little vest, and tie my hair back and feel very elegant and graceful - until I catch sight of myself in the mirror looking utterly ridiculous! but like I said, it's fun, and makes a change from yoga.

Going to have cauliflower stuffed collards for dinner tonight, with a dip. I love raw food!


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Comment by Jo on May 9, 2013 at 2:24pm

sounds yummy, I want one.  :)

Comment by LaTricia E. Morris on May 8, 2013 at 10:24am

Kate, love your approach.  It's good that you can let loose an have a little fun.  So many people act like getting uptight is a part of "growing up" or maturation but I don't understand why it has to be.  There are times when we have to take life seriously and there are times when we can just dance to our hearts content.  ;-)

Totally understand on having to keep coming back to it.  Its good to enjoy but there's a balance factor there that we have to allow for; esp. living in climates that can get quite cold.  But yes, those raw foods do make us radiate with it don't they?

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