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I woke up this morning with a desire to be more raw.  For all of the possible reasons.  So I went out to my garden with knife in hand and the inner basket of a salad spinner to gather some lettuces before the sun got on them.  I was on guard for earwigs as I know they love to hide out in my lettuces....so I warned them (I think bugs can hear if not our thoughts exactly, our intentions) and I shook out the lettuce a bit, and cut the leaves off carefully making sure the earwigs had skedaddled before I put them into my basket.  They are mighty fat ones and loathe them as I may, I am also, somewhat, getting used to them.  They do eat other bugs that could do worse things to my lettuces than hide in them and leave little black dots (their eggs or their poop, not sure which).  It has been so hot as pretty much everyone knows.   Where I am, it is hot and dry, and the sun is merciless as it beats down.  I am so glad I mulched my garden this year, as otherwise, I doubt anything would have survived or I would be tired and harried trying to keep it all from drying up and blowing away.   The mulching makes such a difference.  I don't have to water every day....and there are no weeds....and so far, everything is looking good.  I still have some plants in my sunroom...I need to put them into larger pots.  I was going to put them outside in the ground, but really don't think they'd survive.   Maybe in  a week, when it is supposed to be cooler.  In the meantime, I really need to do something with them as they are not happy in their little little containers.   My amazingly gorgeous avocado plant that I grew from a seed that had sprouted inside the avocado, is now a sad sad thing.   When we went out of town, my husband thought it wise to close up the windows of the sunroom....but not the shades....so it got cooked....and barely survived, and lost it's beautiful new top leaves and all of the rest of them are damaged and half dead.  yeah.  It is sprouting new leaves, as I try and baby it back to life, but it will be a long time before it is as it was, if ever.   My rubber plant is doing very well, sprouting new leaves all over the place.  It too has been abused, not purposely, but I left it out in the sunroom overnight one cold cold winter night, and some of the leaves got frost bit....and then in the spring I had it out on the deck and some of the leaves got sun burnt....ai yi yi.  But it is doing much better now, much better than my  avocado, but my avocado plant knows how much I care about it, so it is trying.

After cutting my lettuces, I brought them in and made a quart plus of yummy green smoothie.  I used one orange, not great this time of year, but I am thankful to have them, 4 large strawberries, 4 small apricots, 1 kiwi, 1 banana, water, and all of the romaine lettuce leaves I had cut and brought in.   They are a touch bitter from the heat, but not too, and my smoothie is very very bright green and delicious.  A good start to my day.  I am looking forward to having some blueberries later, and an avocado, and I am planning a vegan meal for my family.   They are good omnivores and won't even comment on it, as we eat all kinds of ways in our house.  I could even make them a raw dinner and if it was tasty and filling they would be fine.

So, one begins as one means to carry on..........and this is a fine new raw green day.

Ciao bellas!

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Comment by Alessandra on July 4, 2012 at 1:41pm

and flies are cheeky things....seriously!  They know they are faster  and aren't deterred by bad thoughts sent their way.  If anything, it only encourages them to taunt you.  And they know if you are serious or not.  If you think something....talk to them in your mind and are dead serious, they (most bugs, not flies) turn around and go away....but if you don't really mean it, don't have the intention of following through (squishing them or whatever) they ignore you.   I have observed this many times.

Comment by Lucy Provost on July 4, 2012 at 12:22pm

I know exactly what you mean about talking to the insects! When I was little a friend of my parents taught me to sort of talk to bees so that if I startled one in the flowers it would know that I meant it no harm. I still talk to them out in my garden and I'm in my 40's now! Happy smoothies to you!

Comment by Janet Carol Ryan on July 2, 2012 at 5:55pm

i love harvesting fresh greens (I have a small container garden) and making the smoothies right away - nothing like it! good for you for renewing your commitment to yourself - yes!

Comment by Alessandra on July 2, 2012 at 3:54pm

gardens are good for that....if I weren't mulching I would let my gardens get a bit weedy as it does support lots of life......but the mulching is so good for here.....it keeps the soil from baking in our hot sun.

Comment by djd on July 2, 2012 at 3:36pm

Greens from the garden are full of life.  :-))  We have a lot of slugs.

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