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Since this is kind of a milestone, I thought I would write a little here about my thoughts and feelings so far.


Physically, I feel amazing. I have lost 38 lbs. The weight loss has started to slow down. That is ok with me. I am getting close to where I should be weight wise. I have the energy level of a teenager. I can push myself and not get sore. I am really liking my almost daily bike rides. I'm still only doing 6 to 8 miles at a time. That seems to be the point that I start to hit the wall. I would like to get to the point that I can ride the 14 miles round trip to the grocery store. I even have gotten out and rode my skateboard for a while a couple of times! I have been stretching almost every day to some extent. I am still a little hesitant to start any sort of yoga routine. I think I need to get a beginner yoga instructional dvd or something before I join a class. Any suggestions? I'm also thinking about taking a martial arts class or boxing or the like. My oldest son does boxing. It would be cool to start going to the boxing gym with him, but it might be embarrassing for both of us. Then again, it would give me an opportunity to punch him repeatedly in the face like I sometimes wish I could do and not go to jail. (Just kidding, anyone with teenagers knows what I'm talking about)


I don't get hungry. I mean the hunger sensation that I am used to. The problem with this is that when I haven't had any juice for a while, I don't have any physical sense that I need nourishment. It manifests itself in a strange way. I get crazy. I can't focus on anything. Every simple task becomes an enormous undertaking that seems almost insurmountable. I become short tempered and get confused easily. The crazy thing about it is I don't even realize that this is happening. My wife had to point this out to me the other day. Once I get some juice in me, I am fine again.


My sleeping schedule has been completely messed up since I started this 45 days ago. I have not been able to fall asleep before 3 am in 45 days. I even tried staying awake for 36 hours to try to get back on track.  As soon as 10pm rolls around I am wide awake. I don't think this is a symptom of the juice feast but more a symptom of not drinking alcohol to excess nightly as I did for years. I've tried cutting off my computer time at 8pm, getting more exercise during the day, even tried some herbal tea (I hate tea). I've had no luck with any of it. 


I'm to the point that I need to start shopping for some new clothes. My pants are falling off of me without a belt drawn tight. I'm swimming in my shirts. I'm holding off for a little while longer, at least until the warmer weather is here. No sense in buying new jeans and sweaters now when I will just be packing them up for the summer in a few weeks.


I am on the fence about whether to continue on with the juice feast. I have been "cooking" (you know what I mean) for my wife, who has been eating 100% raw for the past 4 and a half weeks. I've made raw tacos, bell pepper flavored flax crackers, raw mac nut "cheese", raw sprouted wheat tomato basil bread, raw almond milk, salsa, guacamole, dairy free banana ice cream etc. She has made some wonderful smelling stuff like kale chips and onion bread. I am having trouble not eating that stuff. I would love to just pile a huge bowl full of greens and sprouts and veggies and walnuts and hemp seeds and crushed flax crackers and pour some fresh salsa all over it and devour it all. The thing is that I have set a goal of 90 days unless there is a physical reason for me to stop. If I stop now, my mind will twist it into failure. I know I have not failed and even if I break my fast now I still have accomplished an incredible achievement, especially if I transition to a 99% raw vegan living food diet as I plan to do. I just feel that I have more detoxing to do. I can still feel it. I can feel my body healing itself. I can still feel the bad stuff coming out of me. My energy level just keeps going up every day. It feels amazing.


Anyway, that is were I am at. I think I am going to stick this thing out another 45 days, but if I don't, I'm not going to let it get me down. I am extremely grateful for where I am right now and extremely proud of what I have accomplished so far.


Peace and good health to you all.





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Comment by ginger on April 15, 2011 at 4:10pm
Congrats on the 45 days!  Like pp find a yoga studio near you and sign up for a beginner class.  Sometimes they offer beginners series which is usually once a week for 4 wks. and they teach you the basic moves and etiquette.  I took my first class last Aug and I can't imagine my life without it.   Have you listen to any hypnosis?  When I can't sleep I listen on my MP3 and it calms me and I fall asleep.  Not sure if that would work for you but worth a try.  They have lots you can choose from on Amazon for $1 or little more.  What I listen to is nothing to do with sleeping but it makes me sleepy.
Comment by Silmiriel on April 15, 2011 at 11:14am
Thanks, Kristian!  I appreciate the advice.  Your results are amazing and again, congratulations on your achievement!  You are an inspiration!  :)
Comment by Dianne K. on April 15, 2011 at 10:26am
If you feel to eat Raw food now then do what feels right~
Comment by Rawlyssa on April 15, 2011 at 10:18am
Kristian,  I SO CONGRATULATE YOU!!  45 days!!  You are so inspiring to RFR.  Thanks so much for sharing.
Comment by Patti G on April 15, 2011 at 4:18am

As Kris' mom I cannot tell you how very proud and happy I am for what he is doing. I have been praying for years that he could find a way out of the severe addictions that he has been plagued with since a young teenager! Trust me when I tell you that he has spent a lifetime trying to fight them! Now, simple God-given nutrition is conquering them! I would like to ask everyone to please pray for my son to be able to continue this fight until all addiction tendencies are really gone. As one poster said he is truly adding years to his life. I am SO happy about that! Keep up the fantastic work Kris!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Comment by Debbie V on April 15, 2011 at 4:12am

Kristian, I just LOVED reading this whole thing. The energy, the return of a sense of playfulness, the wonderment of it all. And, as a mom of two adolescents, I can certainly understand what you're saying about the allure of the boxing gym!

Who knew healthy living could feel so darn good, eh?! High five!

Comment by Nikonraw on April 15, 2011 at 4:07am

Thanks for the Juicing update. Must be very trying not being able to sleep. Maybe the yoga will help with that?

I had a laugh about you boxing your son. I actually did do boxing with my 16 year old son....put me off boxing for life. LOL The fitness and speed contrast was rather obvious and he was so cruel to me. Yep, I wanted to box him around the ears too. Hehe.

Comment by djd on April 15, 2011 at 3:58am

Your "physical reason" may be manifesting itself.

The advantage of classes for beginning yoga is that the teacher sees how you are aligning, etc.  and also there is an energy, an encouragement, when practicing with others even if all eyes and mouths are closed.

Comment by River Song Bechtel on April 15, 2011 at 3:39am

Way to go on your juice feast. It is really great to read your story. 

Peace & Blessings

Comment by mary on April 15, 2011 at 12:07am

Congratulations- this is awesome!  Thanks for sharing this with us.  I have been planning on doing a juice feast and this was great info for me. 


I do yoga almost everyday and I think the best way to learn is in a studio.  It is just so much easier to have a teacher correct your posture than try to figure out for yourself if your doing it right.  Most studios have beginner classes and even if they just have mixed all level classes it is ok to be a beginner.  Yoga isn't a team sport everyone is at a different point on their journey.

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