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So the weather has changed and its freezing here in Wales...luckily I will be moving to a warmer place next month this place is the heating is only in one room !!!....but it was cheap i understand why LOL).

So I will be rustling up hot soups, and warming foods..lots of chilli and it gets the damp out of you...starchy root veg, and avocados...I also like roll mop herring and smoked salmon...both raw-ish and they provide good fats...I use a Chinese list of foods that promote heat, it really's an example.

I like the feeling f warmed food in I will try an idea i had..riced cauliflower or turnip..wrapped in foil with a little oil, or butter (I am not vegan) and warmed...will report back if its it wont be cooking., could do the same with a steamer too..boil the water put on the veg and turn off the heat..will warm but not cook.

Sauces also a good idea, with warmed water...or warming on the stove...and place the noddles (whatever you make them from) in warm everything is warmed through.

I was thinking..and when we eat food we always WAIT till its cooled down to a warm but not hot state...I think that says something....its so weird to think we are the ONLY species that cook our food....

Hope everyone is keeping warm...:)

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Comment by Jane on October 28, 2012 at 3:30pm

Thanks Jason; I shall look out for foil emergency blankets and give it a go.  Thankfully the temperature has risen a little in London, so I’ve shed the hot water bottles for the time being... 

Oh I know just what you mean about bread and soup (it holds childhood memories for me), though I only eat it with hearty cooked soup rather than raw soup.  Incidentally, I finally got around to adding a little chopped chilli to this evening’s raw soup, which really made a difference.  In fact I’m wondering why it took me so long! 

Hopefully, it’s also warming up in chilly Wales for you.


Comment by Jason W on October 28, 2012 at 5:33am

Hi Jane..LOL..yes coooollllddd....very sensible with the hot water bottles :)....I need to buy a dehydrator for winter and make cakes and breads, I am really missing these, and soup needs a chunk of bread LOL

I would suggest you buy some foil emergency blankets and stick them above the windows so the heat is reflected back in...oi use these with the one heater i have and its amazing how much heat is reflected back ...:)

Comment by Jane on October 28, 2012 at 12:32am

Hi Jason,

Yes it is FREEZZZINGG...

Here in London the temperature seemed to plummet over night on Friday.  It could even be as low as freezing because my ears and nose are glowing bright red every time I venture out (and my nose is a pretty reliable barometer in these matters.)  I live in a very late Victorian flat with high ceilings and FOUR original bay windows (no double glazing) in my living-room alone, so it’s very difficult, not to mention expensive, to keep warm when it’s this cold.  I’ve taken to wandering around with a little hot water bottle tucked in my skirt band and two big hot water bottles whenever I’m relaxing; they’re comforting as well as keeping me warm! 

Lately I’ve been eating raw soup, especially mushroom, made with warm water, every evening.  Not only do I need something quick because it’s too cold to hang around in the kitchen when I’ve just got in (and the central heating’s been off all day) but I’ve been spicing it up with extra black pepper and tamari (must try your suggestion of chilli) for the warmth and kick I need.  I’ve also been adding ginger root to most of my beverages, even green juice, and dinking lots of herbal tea. 

Good to hear you’ll be moving to a warmer place soon!!! 


Comment by Stephanie Baker on October 27, 2012 at 7:58pm

Cold here in WV too. I did some juicing this morning and for lunch but had to do some warm soup for dinner!! Love your suggestions. 

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