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You know when you feel like there are too many challenges to face? It's surprising what you learn when you get through them and look back. The last week was a challenge for me to stay high raw. One of my sons had croup and asthma and coughed for three days straight. Sleep deprivation does not lead to a happy mom or child. I'm happy to say I'm greatful for my juicer and blender for easy 'meals' and something my kids will consume when I'm at a loss. It's finally getting better at night and I'm hoping it doesn't catch hold of my other son.

On the upside we've been having fun making creepy goodies. I love this time of year. My creative juices get flowing. (pun intended)

I will be making blood of beet and peeled grape eyeballs for the kids. Witches fingers from a nut and date combination with almond fingernails. Pumpkin seeds were dried on low with the oven door open after the pumkins were carved. Now I'm trying to come up with more spooky food ideas that don't require too much effort or a dehydrator.

Being my first few months trying to go raw converting recipies has been...interesting.

I'm still finding cooking for my husband a challenge when I know my kids would eat raw no problem. It seems counterproductive even though it's a peace keeping act. I felt at odds this evening making roast beef and had to open the window for a bit of fresh air. I rarely if ever ate red meat before I met my husband and he's a real carnivore.

It's a challenge I'm hoping to glean a lesson from somewhere.

For now I'm going to stay focused on the little things that make me happy. Right now it's sleep!

Time to catch up on my Zzzzzzzzz's

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Comment by Gina Ripley on October 23, 2010 at 5:05pm
Hey Cinnamon Girl,
Nice to see a fellow Canadian. I watched that movie and had the same reaction you did. I was raised on a small farm where chickens and geese were put in the freezer. Growing up knowing where your food comes from either dulls you or wakes you up. It's even harder when it's where animals are treated poorly from day one. I was lucky to know organic, happy animals although they were raised for food.
Being in a family that farms animals for meat is a challenge for sure. Going high raw makes you somewhat of an outsider.
I already cook large batches like you suggest. It helps a lot. I'm glad your husband is accepting of your move towards a raw lifestyle. Mine still asks me if I want pork chops for dinner. LOL Of course that means I'm making them. ;)
The thing I'm finding the most challenging is having four year old twin boys that I know will eat a raw diet and watching my husband push them to eat meat. Kids will eat what they are provided with and I'm doing my best to please both sides. It's a bit emotional when you know there are actual health risks for your kids. Hormones, anitbiotics, diseases, and all the things we don't even know about.
I've done a LOT of reading about health and nutrition and don't tend to dive into stuff uneducated. Everything I've read comes down to food and emotional health. Motherhood has made me more focused on htese things for my kids and family.
We all need to stay true to ourselves even when others close to us have a different perspective than our own.
All in good time...
Comment by CINNAMON GIRL on October 23, 2010 at 12:32am
Hi Gina,

Keep your chin up I think really it comes down to patience and accepting that we are all different and that we dont all get there at the same time...My husband's family has a free range cattle farm, They are really good to their animals but I could not stop crying tonight when I watch cowboy gone mad movie on the media room. I have never been a big meat eater myself although I loved fish. Before watching this movie I was thinking I was going to be HIGH RAW probably like 80% but still have the odd family meal to avoid stress that could be just as damaging to the body. However after seeing this movie I am at lost! :( I dont know what to think anymore. Other than I am blessed because he has accepted I am getting more and more into the world of RAW...

What I am doing right now for cooking is I make a big batch so for example the other day I made Chili He ate two days on a row and then I froze the rest for another couple of meals where I dont have to cook for him. Also I will cook several chicken breast at once and have ready that way I can make a salad and He can put the chicken on top He likes that. Just a couple of ideas.

Time will tell! I too got to catch up on some Zzzzz..

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