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"Invited Nature to My Workout & Walking Into the Wind"

I went for a mid-morning walk today just as I’ve been doing for several weeks. It had been a windy rainy night so my favorite tree lined walking path looked like a newly developed obstacle course. As I walked along, I began moving the fallen branches so as to clear the path for the next walker or young biker pedaling through. Knowing our local Michigan day was filed with 25 mph winds it was a little challenging and it started feeling like a resented chore. However, the Grandma in me kept thinking the next old guy or gal that came along could stumble, fall or crash their bike dodging the scattered branches. As I huffed and puffed and worked my way down the path, a funny image popped into my mind. Of all things to think on, this old babe was picturing the RawBrahs and Paul Risse turning this self-appointed task into fun! All those videos I’ve recently watched of them and the Raw Balance Team working out in nature were tempting me to turn that resentful attitude into an attitude of gratitude and an opportunity for joyful movement! Ha! So that is just what I did! I literally hopped, skipped and jumped over and between the obstacles for the next twenty feet. Looking around to make sure this old lady gone wild was still all alone, I then circled around working my way back down the path clearing all manageable debris this young at heart Granny could manage. It was time to rejoice as I could see at least fifty feet now of clear paved path. That took me a good hour! I felt I deserved a nice relaxing cool down. One side of the tree lined path borders on a large open space Elementary School playground. I ventured off through the trees and set out walking straight into that twenty-five mile an hour wind. Whoa! This was no cool down! This was Part Two of my exercise for today that I will now refer to as my, “Resistant Weight Bearing Routine”. My resistant weight walking into twenty-five mph winds! I thought, "Tie a rope around my ankle, pin a tale to my behind and fly me like a kite to the moon!" That was another fifteen minutes of joyful movement. I did get my cool down but it was in the form of sweeping the kitchen floor and washing the dishes when got home.
Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend : )

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Comment by Alice on October 17, 2011 at 8:36am

Wow what a great workout, you go girl!!

Comment by channa brennon on October 15, 2011 at 10:14pm
i gotta try that !
Comment by Vegan♥for♥Life on October 15, 2011 at 9:48pm
What an inspiring blog! Love it!

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