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Interview and Speech Yesterday :)

Hi guys :). Wow yesterday was a great day. I learned something about myself--I can talk to people! I always have considered myself to be shy in person. I had to give a speech in my english class for 90 minutes (a group presentation), and my portion of it ended up being the longest and people actually complimented me during it! I was so surprised. It was on the environment, something I am very passionate about, but lost sight of a bit in my busy-ness lately. I had so much to say and I think I connected with people. I talked about many issues, showed pictures of how some of the most polluted places in the world are places where the people are impoverished and cannot afford the cleanups needed, and ended my part with, "So, who is responsible?" It felt great and it made me reconsider my career path.

Right afterward, Gena from the website Choosing Raw called me, as she'd agreed to do a quick interview with me for my Careers in Dietetics class. We ended up having a great conversation and talked a bit longer about our views on the balance between the holistic and medical fields. We share a lot of the same views and she even asked me to send her the link to my blog! She is very kind and it was lovely to talk to someone who clearly is very happy and passionate about what they are doing.

I am now considering a career that involves more speaking out, because it is something I am beginning to love doing more and more.

Toodaloo :)

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Comment by Raw Truth on November 26, 2013 at 4:11pm

Excellent! We need more to speak out on such things. Good for you! I too am more of reserved person but when I am passionate about what I am talking about I can indeed talk. Sounds like you are on the path to great things.

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