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I found this very interesting and thought it might help someone else.  I tried to scan, copy and paste it and couldn't - don't know why, so I'll just type out the whole thing for you.

At the moment I am doing a water fast - as long as I can.  This should rid me of lots of accumulated fat in my system.   In the past I did one that lasted 10 days and another for a full 30 days.  I have Herbert Shelton's book on Fasting as well as Dr. Joel Fuhrman's on the same subject.  I intend to begin 80-10-10 again after the fast - after a very careful re-feeding (by Fuhrman's protocol).   I will get my blood work done too from time to time and will do any tweaking of the plan that may seem necessary as I go along. I have more confidence in this plan now - having done a lot of research of various ways of doing low carb as well as different approaches to the raw food diet.  Letters such as the following are like pieces of the puzzle that are finally coming together for me.


Reply by Larry on August 23, 2008 at 12:05pm

Wendi...this same topic has been coming up on dr. grahams website.. so I am posting what someone with diabetes responded...he went through a period where he got worse and contributes it to the fat that was still in his system from years before...but eventually his blood sugar stabilized...keep letting us know how its going.  for me the first few weeks were up and down, but then I came into a place of really amazing blood sugar stability...

Here is the post:

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From:  Michael S. ((

Subject:  Diabetic symptoms on 811? - my story

Date:  August 22,2008 at 12:31 am PST

Possibly my short story about blood sugar problems on 811 diet could be interesting for some other people starting with 811.  Therefore I copied the following message from the deepness of this forum:

"Dear E,

I would like to share my story with you:  Several years ago I was struggling with all kinds of raw food diets.  Nothing worked reliably in the long-run.  Today I know the reason, too much fat.  Thanks to Dr. Doug Graham.  So, at that time, frustrated, I switched back to cooked food.  But I knew very well that a starch- based cooked food diet is poisonous for me.  Therefore I went on the Atkins and Jan Kwasniewski diet, very very high in animal fat.  It looked like the only real alternative.  I felt amazingly good in the beginning, but after only six months it ended up with disastrous results:  Gout, MASSIVE heart problems, constant sinus problems, extreme nervousness, anxiety PLUS aggressions and hateful thinking.  For the first time in my life I became a little fat.  And for the first time I got massive hemorrhoids.  Not much fun.  So I stopped it and went back to raw food.  After that I struggled another two years with high animal fat raw food diets, Aajonus Vonderplanitz primal diet for example.  It was not as harmful as cooked Atkins, but also didn't work.  My whole intestines became inflamed and so on.  One funny side effect was that I was looking like a big and strong bodybuilder but actually was very weak!

To cut a long story short: I suddenly switched to a very low fat, high fruit diet and got similar prediabetic symptoms like you!  Frequent urination, massive blood sugar swings, spaciness, irritability and weight gain from just fruit, which is very ominous, etc.  And sometimes I flipped out.  Not much fun.  All this WITHOUT EATING FAT!

As far as I understand, diabetic problems are caused by interference of sugars and fats.

But I didn't eat fats!  Nonetheless I had prediabetic problems.  Then these symptoms slowly disappeared until they vanished completely without changing anything in my low fat diet.  I always thought:  It MUST work and continued with a lot of faith.  There was no alternative:  Starches? No.  Fats? No.  Asking physicians again? No.  These snake-oil sellers had told me a lot of nonsense for twenty years.  So, discussing with them was also no option.

My explanation for the diabetic symptoms is:  On the low fat, high fruit diet the sugars reacted with OLD fats that were still lying my my intestines and have been stored everywhere else.  And it needed time to wash this old fatty waste out of the body.

Therefore I would recommend you to eat MAX two meals per day to avoid stress and overloading.  AND to eat only sparsely.  Green leafy salads can help a lot to stabilize blood sugar.  So, your body should be able to win authority back about sugar levels.  Furthermore I would STRICTLY (!!) avoid all fatty foods like avocados, almonds, nuts, olive oil etc.

Hope that helps."

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Comment by Islegirl on August 24, 2014 at 3:13pm

Sharon, I just posted some links for you to check out in my 2nd blog of the day.  Hope they work.  The one called FoodnSport  belongs to Dr. Douglas Graham who wrote the book "80-10-10".  What I suggest is that you borrow the book from the library and if you go ahead with this, be patient with it - not giving up too easily (as I have many times).

Comment by Sharon on August 24, 2014 at 1:45pm
Thanks for this post. I will try to eat only fruit, green salads, and no fat for . It would be wonderful to get better, no hypoglycemia.....also perhaps pain of fibromyalgia will get better?

Congratulations on the fasting! Hope you have a great result!

I am fairly new to this....... Is the 80-10-10 principle what works good? Is there a good link for this?

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