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It has been waaaayyyy too long since I have posted anything or had the time to write!!!  I missed all of you and I decided to pop in to say Hi and hopefully liven up your day a bit as well as my own…I feel super invigorated today after a great night sleep and I am stoked to have the entire day off…ALL FOR ME…YAY!!!

I have been totally wrapped up in organizing and helping my hubby 24/7 for a few months now with some major projects he has going on as well as spending a few days a week running back and forth to my ailing Dad’s…doing his laundry, cooking and caring for him and all his personal needs because we can’t seem to get him a caregiver that we can count on to be reliable…it’s been crazy and disappointing to say the least!!!  I truly needed this day to pause and reflect on "ME" and it feels absolutely amazing!  Since hubby and I both work from home, we tend to get carried away but, no matter how busy we get, we make sure to allow “ME” time each day to stay grounded and focused by eating high Raw, getting in a fun and varied workout, just going for a walk, getting our hair done, catching up with friends, spending special time with my kids and grand-kids or just doing whatever we need to do to stay refreshed. Be sure that you are making time for “YOU”…your totally worth it and your mind and your body both need lots of love and care!!!

I constantly look for ways to be more efficient and have extra time in my day so last night as I was sorting through hundreds of e-mails and deleting tons without even opening them, I decided to pause and spend an hour opening many of them so I could scroll down to the bottom to hit the UN-SUBSCRIBE box…I just don’t have the time to read all the newsletters etc…that I get and it felt incredibly freeing to hit that button…This will literally free up so much time and I won’t be sooooo overwhelmed when I open my e-mail…GO FOR IT…it was actually kinda fun and if you think about it, you realize that if you don’t see it in the first place, you won’t have to even think about whether you should delete it, open it, save it for later, open it again just to realize you don’t have time to read it or respond…so you mark it as unread even though you know you’ll never have the time etc…  Get rid of anything that no longer serves you…it may take a while but just delete a few at a time and you will be pleasantly surprised at the smile that curves up on your face the next time you check your e-mail…just this one little tip will help you discover an extra 15-20 minutes a day to do whatever you wish…how cool is that!!!!

I came across this poem I had written last year for one of RFR’s previous initiatives and thought I would share it again for all the newbies that could use a little oompffff or just to give you a jolt of inspiration to motivate and energize you into a whole new dimension…Your life can truly be amazing if you choose it to be…Enjoy!!!

Can You Bring It!!

Your wish is to change…Ohhhh Yeahh!!...I know you want it…You found your way here
I hope you love green smoothies, fresh juices, yummy new recipes and you’re up off the chair
Do it…Get set for the energy, excitement and tons of joy as you face your delightful new day

Jump right in, introduce yourself, make friends, read all the transformations...It’s okay to hit play

Raw Food Rehab is a one of a kind mecca of awesomeness and it’s totally the place to be
It’s open 24/7…it’s happening …it’s got tons of info…it’s totally…completely a learning key
You can view, you can blog…you can praise, vent, comment and you can get recipes galore
Visit all the rooms and watch the videos...WOW…you gotta check it out...please do not ignore

From day one when I came here, I rawked myself alive…I woke up…I exploded with glee
I’m jumping up and down now and I’m feeling so incredibly light and free
I’m taking it all in…I’ve rawked it out…All of it…Now, I’m shooting for the moon
And I’m loving it and I’m feeling it...I’m so in balance…I'm belting out a rawkin tune

If you just got here to the hab...take some time…look around this special place
It’s got smile…it’s got happy...and it’s got a whole lotta grace
I’ve met some phenomenal people…They defy glowing…They are totally and undeniably real
Sorta like me today...I love it when my skin is amazing and I’m radiating…I have zest and zeal

I love to motivate and inspire others…It’s my passion and my Mom’s legacy…I truly doooo care
I’m a huge fan of Raw…I’m happy and I write about it cuz I love it and I just want to share
If you give it the effort, quality time and you seriously believe…Go for it...Please take it to heart
Cuz you’ll be off and running with a kick butt community here...they’ll be greeting you at the start

Besides Miss Penni and Miss Susan, there are so many awesome rawkers that you just gotta meet
They have hearts of gold and cuz of RAW and optimism...they are totally and indisputably upbeat
They have been where you are, they are super supportive…reach out…they know what you need

They won’t disappoint you…Noooo way...That I can assure you…It’s encouraging “INDEED”

It only takes a moment to reflect…so hit your own pause button…look at the person staring back at you
Tell it like it is… SAY IT ALOUD…recite how you’ll get there and what you plan to do
Make this moment count, you deserve to feel amazing, your worth it…take it one step at a time
Take that leap of now...give it your all…this moment is your prime

It’s truly about the balance and what you plan to give and get

It’s about reflecting and working and striving hard to forget

It’s a journey like no other and you’re sure to excel

I wish you happiness and success and I expect you’ll do well


These eleven week initiatives dig deep and they pull at your heart

But they bring out the best and they give you a fresh start

They’ll make you feel amazing and real and energetic…YUP…you’ll surely sense the fire

And you’ll light up…you’ll invigorate and you’ll be all that and more…You’ll truly aspire


So…Give it up for Raw Balance and make it real…Give it your all…soak it all in

The host is a delight and the cast will motivate…ohhhh yeahh…you’ll feel your whole body grin

I’m not just trying to pump you up or make you see…living Raw has truly made ME a happy ME

It’s what I believe…So give it up for who "YOU" truly aspire to be and who "YOU" sooo want to be


Stop and take a good look in the mirror…smile like crazy at the face that’s looking back at you

Tell yourself that your worth it, your beautiful, your good enough…Every statement is true

God shaped us each with unique qualities…discover your talents…choose to make the time

Take a leap of have the ability….this moment is your prime

Good luck all, get your happy on…Make YOUR life happen for YOU!!!!
~Darlene Knight~

September 2011


Upbeat and smiling are the only ways to truly enjoy life...It is definitely way more fun and energizing to be optimistic and positive!

~Darlene Knight~



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Comment by Michelle K on March 18, 2012 at 8:35am

You are so loved here and everywhere Darlene!  Thanks for the boost with your lovely post!

Comment by darlene knight on March 17, 2012 at 12:14pm

Thank you ladies and gents...Hope you have a fun St. Patrick's day...I just realized that today is St. Patty's day...LOL...gonna go make something green!!!!  XO

Comment by Ruchira on March 16, 2012 at 11:34pm

I love your post!!!

I have read so many times already....... like the poem.

Comment by Linda Duncan on March 16, 2012 at 4:01pm

I like your poem Darlene. Glad you're having a day for yourself, and sorry to hear about your dad.

Comment by rick mazzola on March 16, 2012 at 3:49pm

Sorry to here about your dad,yea it sounds like a good idear to take a day for you.  LOVE RICK

Comment by Susan : ) on March 16, 2012 at 3:35pm

“ME” time each day is sooo vital!  I have found that to be the most valuable time of the day, sometimes scattered throughout the day for me.  It is necessary to be the BEST ME there is!

Thanks for your loving support here at the Hab, Darlene!  : )

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