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I Got cretified after passing my first course: First Aid: Responding to Emergencies!

Hello, brothers and sisters!

I have some good news for everybody! I passed my first class in my first semester: First Aid: Responding to Emergencies! Remember that my major at IUPUI is Fitness Management and Personal Training. Out of all the certificates and awards that I have in my collection from my freshman year in High school to my last semester at Ivy Tech Community College, I even recieved my first certificate there from that same class. My next course that I will be taking is Principals of Lifestyle and Wellness. Wish me great luck as I pursue my dream of making this country a healthier, raw-fooding place to live! Oh, yeah! As Raw Food Rehabbers and siblings in Christ, we can do that together.Where are all my girls at? Are you with me? Where are all my boys at? Are you with me? Let's turn this entire country around! At the same time, I need all the support from my fellow Raw Food Rehabbers in pursing my career and staying on the IUPUI Dean's List and graduating from IUPUI soon!




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Comment by Vanessa Machelle Helm on June 11, 2012 at 2:20pm

Thank you, Rachael! I love you. If I can go to school, you can, too.

Comment by Rachael on June 10, 2012 at 4:51pm

Awesome news, way to go :)

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