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I have being weighing the same thing give or take a 3 pound ratio for over a year . I am having some real lazy days – I have a streak 90 minutes of exercise a week, which I have kept going for 64 weeks, but sometimes that is just one day. So, I have decided to be fat , what else can I be.

After all haven’t I been fat for a while? It is working somewhat for me, if I don’t complain, then I am cool. Yesterday, I went to try on clothes, and nothing fit like it was suppose too. The black dress was really nice, but there were not hips on the side to fill it out – now some may think that is a good thing – right? Well yeah, but come on, it was only 21.99 on sale, designer and I no longer have the weight to sustain even the purpose. Next were two pants suits and the jackets were too big and then this suit, that was absolute, well it was too big, but I wanted it until I got bored cause the line was long and I did not need it for real it was a wasteful want.

Well back to being fat – I stay around the same weight and I do get in 90 minutes of exercise, I eat greens EVERYDAY, well, yeah, I am eating other things, but being FAT is where I am destined to be so why FAT, shouldn’t I shoot for being pretty, can I be smart, witty, engaging or even rich, no FAT- I mean come on, I am not at any goal that I have desired to be, or think I should be - depends on who is having this discussion with me or not with me, but themselves. Come on, I know some out there have decided what the use.

Alright, I am going to utilize my FAT like the Eskimo’s use whale blubber – for just about everything and it is a protectant and will keep you warm, and I hate to be cold. So, being FAT will work for me and I will be in my total comfort zone.

F = FAITH: That mustard seed, mountain moving faith. Having the hope and understanding that it takes work, because Faith without the work is dead and I am alive and plan on living some more and some more.

A= ALIGNED: Being aligned with specific principals that work with gaining the best health yet. Don’t sweat stuff; love myself enough to care so that I will do what is necessary to heal; fuel my body with fresh and when possible organic fruits and vegetables; eat as close to natural state as possible, eat enough to fuel my mind, body and spirit for joy. Smile so much more, and look for the positive, actually live positively. Be aligned with my creator, whom I choose to call God and depend on something greater than myself. Love, spend Love as a wonderful gift to be given every day no matter what, remove judgment and live in patience and acceptance.

T= TRANSFORMED: a change in thinking, change in movement, change in action and a change in living and being willing to change. Transformed in not just my physical body, but my thinking, my way of navigating through life; I am reducing clutter both physically and mentally. Moving my body from acid state to an alkaline state of health – body and thoughts

It has to be a total recommitment to the process and re familiarizing myself with what had me lose 67 pounds give or take 3 pounds up and down for over a year. Is it time to move into a new space, a new realm? My blood sugars are so much better, not sure about my other blood functions, since I have to take a test to see, which I do Jan 5. I have a vested interest in getting all in order, far more than I care to share, but as I align myself with God and work on my soul along with my mind and my heart, I truly believe that those things that have caused me pain are just the lesson that will be completed during this process, this healing process. I want to feel so comfortable that I can go out in my yard and dance naked if I choose because I am comfortable within and on the outside – oh, poo, I live on some of the most heavily wooded land in Maryland and it is my playground. My temple has been compromised for so long that getting back to normal health will be worth a CELEBRATION, because I don't know what that is.

There are so many things for me to learn and I am working very hard on abandoning some of my old ways – they may not be wrong for you, if I shared them, but they are wrong for me because of my state of non-homeostasis.

I will say this- yesterday was an event making day for me. There was blessings that came because I believe in and living being FAT. At my local HFS, there is a young woman that I , how can I say this, not have a great affinity for; kind of arrogant to me (remember the thing you don’t care for in one person is within you too – okay I KNOW THAT), and although she knows my name, I purposely decided she did not need a name, so I did not remember it and she always spoke to me, much to my chagrin. Well, I was looking for a product and she went all through everything to find it for me – blessing #1, (no, :( it is not because I got what I wanted), but that lead to our having a full blown conversation about healing modalities, which I initiated –umm, umm. , I knew she was a reflexologist, but for some reason (like her name), forget she had completed and received her massage therapy degree and certification. (The owner of the store would share things about us to one another - I was still speaking to owner, whom I love dearly) I found myself asking her for her card, location to set up an appointment, and then I told her, I needed a refresher because I have decided to hang my shingle and have to be recertified (license) for massage therapy. I was sharing my business with her - novel huh!! She then gave me the best gift, wrapped in love, the name of a gentleman that would assist me and help facilitate me back to skill. Before, I would have thanked her stiffly after she found what I came to buy and left the store, but there was a need for me to start the conversation. Change is good. We will be meeting after Christmas.

I have decided to be F.A.T. Wanna join me. You know what is funny – many will not like this acronym, no matter what, because being FAT is such a negative for many, like being Christian, Jewish, Arab, A woman, in some areas a man, like having big feet or a big head – I have both, or being black or white, Asian or Latino – it depends on the environment, and the reality of that environment. So I say, take words to mean as they best suit you. It will increase your ability to CELEBATE YOUR LIFE.

DISCLAIMER: I want those to read to understand that I am not sadden or depression or angry or bitter ( I will be if one decides that this reads this way), but I am stating my honest feelings and I am at total peace about me and my life.


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Comment by Ruchira on December 13, 2011 at 11:41pm

I totally agree with Nathalie...........

Well said!!!!!!!!!

God bless and happy holidays 

Comment by nathalie carles on December 12, 2011 at 6:50pm

Being "fat" is one thing, being healthy and living a life full of energy is another one and feeling good under your skin is also another one.

 As long as you enjoy your life, as long as illness doesn't come around, as long as you sleep well, as long as you can walk, dance, work, have fun etc.....and also knowing that every single human being is different with a different body, a different metabolism, a different shape etc....everything is fine. Your health should come first anyway. And feeling good under your own skin...that's the sercret.

Comment by Rachel Rose M on December 12, 2011 at 2:55pm

Lift weights, lift weights, lift weights!!

Comment by Rachael on December 11, 2011 at 3:29pm

Thanks for sharing :)

Comment by djd on December 11, 2011 at 2:48pm

Very creative post.  :-)

Comment by Deborah Grissam on December 11, 2011 at 2:08pm

Silly Girl- I have missed your blogs!

Comment by Chef Annette St-Pierre on December 11, 2011 at 9:08am

I really like and can use your acronym, Jaqueline. When I first read the title of your blog, I was remembering all the times I've been told that no change will come before I accept where I am. Since it has, to date, been impossible to accept being fat, not much change comes to me. Using your FAT may just be a great step to helping me accept. We'll see! Thank you for these thoughts.

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