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I feel sorry for those that are in the dark.....

Tonight I made a call to my brothers pregnant girlfriend that is a nurse.....I called her w/ another nurse friend of mine (note, i'm not a nurse and don't speak the language)...I wanted my friend to answer any questions about some nutritional advice I had given my brothers girlfriend previously (mind you...i've only known this gal for about 5 months or so....long story)....longer story short. after getting off the phone, my brother calls and balls me out for making the girlfriend upset. Really??? Last time I checked this gal is an adult, I ask her permission to call her through text earlier in the day, and so we did. She didn't like how my friend talked and says my friend made her feel stupid and like she wasn't nutritionally supporting her child right now. My brother said some not very nice things to I've cried for about 4 hours or so now over it!! 

He says if folks don't agree w/ me that I get mad over stuff....down right not the truth.....I only share things if someone opens the door for the conversation.....and this is all pertaining to nutrition of course i'm sure. But my family has always supported my 'little' brother more than me, he can do no wrong, on and on and on......

I'm sorry I'm venting.....I am just so hurt!! I was only trying to help and was concerned that I did not do a great job explaining info to the girlfriend.  

I forgot to say, earlier in the day....I missed a whole days work to help my mother have a shower for this girlfriend....I miss work...miss money for MY family! does my brother take that into consideration?? not at all. And the other part was I stood up for myself when he was being a 'jerk' to me when I was just talking to him and my father. I never do this, but over the past couple months have realized that when I do not stand up for myself, which i never do, i internalize it all and feel like i'm not worthy.....i've had to deal w/ this my entire life.....i know this is the root of alot of my eating issues (as i'm typing and thinking about eyes are welling i know its true). 

bottom line....PLEASE PRAY FOR MY BROTHER WARREN...that he will find Jesus and know something bigger than himself...and realize that hurting others is not the way to do anything!! Pray that he will come out of the dark!!

If you read all this....thank you so much for listening....not sure I made any sense though!

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Comment by Stephanie Baker on October 31, 2012 at 6:39pm

thanks. i'm feeling better today. i called and said i'm sorry on her machine and she did attempt to call me back, playing phone tag, so atleast i got that far. the heck w/ my brother but i don't want to cause hard feeling since she is just joining our family!! so thanks for your positive for a well needed good nights sleep!! 

Comment by Laura Harshbarger on October 31, 2012 at 9:29am

You were just trying to help and she was open to it so don't feel bad.  People are in the dark and it is so sad.  Bless you for trying

Comment by Mae Jardine on October 31, 2012 at 1:35am

Yes, you do make sense in your blog, Stephanie.  Life . . . Love . . . Family . . . it sure can get difficult.  I'll be remembering to keep you and all your family members in my prayers.  Love & Hugs,

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