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How To Take Off 100 lbs (or MORE!) Episode 3- Preparation Is Key

How To Take Off 100 lbs or More- Preparation is key

  1. Clear your environment: empty out cabinets, fridge, freezer, all your hiding spots, your desk drawer at work, your car
  2. Clear your triggers: if you always eat popcorn while watching tv, switch to a bowl of grapes.  Stop watching commercial TV, it is full of triggering commercials.  Watch your shows on Netflix or Hulu instead. If you always got a certain food at a fast food place, change your route so you won’t go by that restaurant.
  3. Go shopping.  How you shop for fresh food is very different than how we used to stock up on processed food.  Processed food keeps a long time and doesn't rot because it has been stripped of it's essential nutrients and had so many preservatives and artificial colorings and flavors added to it.  Look, if your food doesn't rot, it doesn't belong in your body.  Fresh food is best eaten as close to the way it was picked and as soon as it can be eaten after being picked. Be prepared to shop every 2-3 days.  Buy small amounts.  AVOID PROCESSED FOOD.
  4. What is a processed food: olive, not processed. Olive oil processed.  Sugar cane, not processed.  Sugar, processed. Cactus not processed, Agave crazy processed.  Bread is a processed food.  They took some grain, stripped it of a lot of it's nutrients, ground it down into a flour, and often they bleached it to make it white and fluffy.  Then they mixed it with water and yeast and many times, an animal product like honey or eggs, and even more often, they added oil.  Then they bake it and kill all the enzymes and further reduce the nutritional value.  Have whole grains like brown rice or oats or seeds like quinoa instead.
  5. Buy nothing fake—no fake meat, no fake sweetener, no diet salad dressing.  If you need meat analogs to try to convert your family from animal foods, do it sparingly and wean them off quickly.
  6. Be prepared to spend a little time on your food prep.  Every morning, I wake up and chop my veggies, make my smoothie.  Every other evening I shop for more produce.  I invest that time in my health.
  7. Right now, my garden is flourishing so I spend some time with that.
  8. Prepare for situations and events.  Bring more food than you think you need.  Pre-eat before a party or holiday or restaurant or movie.  Keep emergency food in your office or car.  (beans in a box, kale chips, a Larabar, a little packet of chia seeds, extra fruit that does not spoil quickly like an apple or orange.)
  9. Prepare for exercise by leaving enough time in the morning. 
  10. Be prepared to pay a little bit more for quality produce.  It is better to pay the farmer than the surgeon, or worse, the undertaker...

    You are worth every single second of preparation you invest in yourself!


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