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So, my mother went into the hospital with a really bad UTI.  The infection sent her blood sugar to well over 500 which led to DKA and much more I won't even go into.  As I went to visit last night, I found myself so...heartbroken yet plagued with a sense of urgency regarding the matter.  It wasn't the first time she's been hospitalized.  Up until a couple of years ago, she could hardly stay out of them for a week or two before being back in them 2-3 weeks straight.  She used to eat TERRIBLY but has been making many improvements in that area.  For so many years of her life, she didn't know what it'd lead to.  For so many more years following the point where she started to learn, there was so much damage done and patterns where firmly established.  Between the foods she ate and the meds she was being given, it's surely only by the grace of God she is still alive this day.

So, growing up, I grew quite accustomed to her being ill to the point of almost becoming numb to it for many years.  Which is certainly a sad place to be.  I can't even begin to go into all the many diseases and illnesses she's been diagnosed with and even still it seems the drs. are steadily issuing new ones, most with the introduction of a new medication to try out on her.  She's steadily improving but the battle from this point is hard and sometimes she still hits those walls or is seemingly hurled back into that pit.  I'm confident that she can one day attain true wellness like she's never known.  I also know that she faces many challenges as her body is steadily trying to rid itself of decades worth of toxic foods and medications (some of which are still steadily being pumped in) and while it attempts to heal what's been broken and damaged.

What gripped me though was seeing the look on her face as they tried to stick her in the wrist because she already had too much going through the porticath (sp); seeing the look on her face as she lie there in pain, thirsty but not allowed to even have ice, virtually immobile and nigh helpless.  The surroundings, the lighting, the conversations with the nurses about this drug and that drug.  It just gets overwhelming, you know?

Please don't mistake me.  I am grateful for the technology and care we have available these days to help us in times of crisis.  It's just almost frightening to see how we've come to such a place with our health and how heavily reliant we've become on doctors to hook us up with some magic pill to fix what we could prevent/change.  It kills me to see her and countless others in this situation. 

I guess my reason for sharing any of this is that I hope to fan the flame for those who are fighting for their health.  I know some of you find this healthy eating stuff a breeze and some need reminders as to why this all really matters to help you stay on point.  Your body is wonderfully made and can do amazing things when you take care of it.  The world wants you to indulge in all it has to offer but I assure you, it's shady about following through on its promises.  Are the pizzas, sodas, chips and candies really that good?  Is it really worth what you give?

It's so much easier to administer medicine through a fork than an IV.  Moments come and go.  Cravings pass.  You only get one body to last you a life time.  It can become one of your greatest blessings or your greatest burden.  Be sure to take the time to love and take care of yourself and if you haven't already, make your mind up today that you are worth it!


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Comment by Janet Carol Ryan on April 10, 2013 at 11:41am

wow, what a powerful insight you are sharing here - you have been through so much and are certainly a clear channel for compassion as well as the vital importance of our daily choices in the direction of health. Your Mom is blessed to have you as her daughter.  I trust that you are also taking loving care of you.

Comment by Kate Frances on April 10, 2013 at 1:41am

My heart goes out to you. It's terrible seeing loved ones helpless and in pain, and feeling helpless yourself. Once someone is in hospital, they and you seem to lose control. 

You are so right about using this post to fan the flames of health. Being with my Dad this last week in a ward full of people sick and in pain really shocked me into being serious about my health. 

Wishing your mother a speedy recovery and the very best health in the future.

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