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Last week I went to a Christmas party and ate cooked food. The worst part was that I had lots of dessert!  I lived to deeply regret this decision - I got quite sick that night and was dysfunctional for several days.  All day in bed one of the days.  A friend of mine teased me because I was texting her like I was drunk lol.  

I went to the party hungry after a busy day (mistake #1) and I stopped by the grocery store to buy items to make a salad because I always do this just in case if I don't know how health oriented the scene will be.  But when I got there the party was huge (I didn't expect that) and the kitchen was packed with people and food.  No making salad was going to be possible.  There was a table of food with essentially no raw items except cole slaw made with mayonnaise, and a table of desserts.  So I gave in and said what the hell and ate jumbalaya, maki sushi and mutliple desserts. The bread pudding made with croissants, paired with vanilla ice cream was a highlight.  I had a type of perception distortion where I was looking around and watching everyone else eating and thought - everyone else is doing it, how bad could it be?

Now I know it can be very bad.  Apologizing to God and promising to never do it again bad, lol.  I got to see my emotional vibration and the cast of my thoughts plunge.  I realized I would never be accomplishing what I am if I wasn't a raw foodist.   

So that inspired me to write a blogpost about things that help me recover after such an eating faux-pas.

1. Lots of water with lemon juice.  I probably should have done hot water with lemon, honey, turmeric and coconut oil.

2. Miso soup with garlic

3. Sauerkraut.  The homemade sauerkraut is probably the thing that helped the most - the probiotics eat the sugar for you.  Immediate improvement.

4. The homeopathic colubrina (aka nux vomica).  A friend I have also recommends Carbo Vegetabilis (made from vegetable charcoal).  Oh yeah, regular activated charcoal or even bentonite clay would have been good if I had thought of it at the time.   I think I may have also taken a flower essence called Emergency Trauma Solution plus for humans by Perelandra because I was having so much trouble.  It's my go to for extreme situations.  

5. I have tinctures of chaga & reishi mushroom and nettle. I think they helped.

6. Vitamin C for sure...I also think Vitamin D with K2 helped.

7. Green juicing.  My fave - apple kale and lemon.  

I notice that a big theme in my life is that I get put into these bubbles where I am forced to orient towards what is healthy (having MCS and not being able to participate in mainstream things when I was young for instance) and then later when I re-enter the larger society from my little bubble I realize how challenging it is to maintain those healthy patterns because unhealthy choices are so normalized.  So for instance, right now as my daughter gets older, I have more of a chance to socialize outside of our alt health homeschool world...but then I go to events and realize I can't eat anything.  Sometimes it's the same for my daughter because even if she eats cooked food, she can't eat wheat, conventional dairy or a lot of sugar.  I'm so used to our kids' birthday parties where there is always cut up fruit & veggies, salad and gluten free treats.    I try to bring things but I don't always have time, and the holidays are busier.   

We had a nice Christmas with some 2 sets of friends this year who are also single parents and have to eat healthy so that was great. :)  The kids got to have low sugar gluten free gingerbread cookies, gluten free cupcakes, dark chocolate, dried fruit and raw truffles (and lots of clementines).  Dinner was various salads plus an organic chicken, and green cooked veggies with salmon.  It was really lovely and my body was only complaining from lack of sleep not attack by sugar.  

Hope you are having a good holiday and good luck with minimizing, mitigating and repairing from less than optimal choices if you need to do that!

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